Why we cannot see GOD !!!!

Why we cannot see God is one of the big question in our mind since our childhood. From the very beginning, Atheists gave their reasons that if God exists, then why we cannot see the God. There are numerous incidences of Ghost appearances but cases of God appearance is very few.

So, what is the reason a normal human cannot see a God. It is to be understood that we, normal humans live in a 3 dimensional space which varies with time. Time is the fourth dimension we all know.

Hence, Human eye can only see the object, particles etc. which sustain in 3 Dimension only. Our brain can only manipulate the space and time dimensions. As per string theory, there is not a single universe, but there are multiple universes which are moving with different timelines.

god lives in higher dimension


These complete multiverse which consists of multiple universes exist within fifth dimension. Mahavishnu exists in this fifth dimension and acting as an observer for all the possible timelines of multiverse.

Due to this Rule God residing in fifth or higher dimension can observe the timeline of 3D space in which we are living but our eye is in capable to see the parallel timelines of 5th or higher dimension. A soul after death can see the parallel timelines of 4D space that how 3D space is changing with time.

May be God has played a trick with us.

But once space technology will advance the interdimensional travel may be possible after 200-250 years. This will enhance our capability to see the god or at least the SURs and ASURs. But much more simpler method may be through spiritual technique. You can visit this link, for more details.

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