Why Brahma not popularly worshiped among Hindus

Out of Trinity of Gods, Brahma is the God of creation and accepted as a creator of the entire universe. Although Brahma has created our universe and other universes but still we don’t worship Brahma as we worship Shiv and avatars of Vishnu. There may be two reasons why Brahma not popularly worshipped among Hindus:


Once Brahma and Vishnu were overcome with sense of self importance. They have started that who is great among the two. As the arguments get heated between the two, Lord Shiva intervened.

Lord Shiva took the form of a gigantic lingam. The lingam was made of fire and it extended from the heaven to the underworld. The lingam told both Brahma and Vishnu that if any of them could find the end of the lingam, He will be declared as the greater of the two. Both Brahma and Vishnu agreed to the deal and set out in opposite directions of the lingam to find its end. But as they kept searching for years, they realized that the lingam had no end. Vishnu realized the fact that Shiva was the greatest among the Trinity. But Brahma decided to trick Shiva. While he was on the search of the end, he passed the flower of Ketaki at the uppermost part of the lingam. He requested the Ketaki flower to testify before Shiva that Brahma had reached the uppermost part of the lingam and had seen the end. The Ketaki flower agreed. When brought before Shiva, the flower falsely testified that Brahma had seen the end. Lord Shiva became furious at this lie. He then cursed Brahma that He would never be worshipped by any human being. He also cursed the Ketaki flower that it would not be used in any Hindu ritual. Hence, Brahma was cursed not to be worshiped by anyone.


Other reason why Brahma not popularly worshipped among Hindus may be the curse of Saraswati. After Brahma took birth, he soon created Goddess Saraswati. As soon as he created her, he became overpowered by her beauty. But Saraswati did not want to be associated with him and she changed her forms to escape from Brahma’s sexual overtures but Brahma did not give up.

Finally, unable to control her anger, the Goddess cursed Brahma that He would not be worshipped by any being on Earth. Hence, Brahma is not worshipped in Hinduism in spite of being the Creator.

Brahma’s lust signifies the fall of humanity. In Hinduism, it is believed that the basic desires hinders the path to salvation. But the Creator fell prey to the basic desires and so the downfall of humanity was inevitable.

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  1. Stella H Howell 4 June, 2017 at 14:08 Reply

    Namaste! Having read your article on Brahma, I wish to draw your attention to the fact that Brahma is Not the name of the Creator but rather was introduced and used to describe his personality. The Almighty Creator whose name is YAHVAH is inscribed in the first Scriptures called Rig Vedas which dates back to c 830BC.
    YAHVAH alone was worshipped as confirmed in Yajur Veda xv11.19 “being all vision, all power, all motion in Himself, He sustains with His power the Whole Universe, Himself being ONE alone”.

    In Yajur xiv.31 & Shatapatha Brahmana states “The Creator of all, the Ruler of the Universe, the Sustainer of ALL, holds All things by 33 devatas, !In HIM, & By HIM”.

    There is much more I can quote. Cursed is he who blasphemes the Almighty Creator, the Purest Being who detests deceit and you state HE lied. I advise you to withdraw your words.

    Read ‘Key to Heaven’ by Stella H Howell a non religious book, for the modern age a YAHVAH publication.
    Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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