EMF Theory of Consciousness - A shocking Vedic Theory

Electromagnetic energy is the vibrating radiant energy known to the modern material sciences, and while this energy has been throughly studied and modeled mathematically, and harnessed within ingenious circuitry to produce modern technologies, its nature as a locus of consciousness is generally dismissed. Instead, credence is given to the belief that synaptic sparking of the neuronal system "gives rise to" consciousness and that somehow the phenomena of consciousness in biosystems is a by-product or contingent upon the nervous system. Even if true, such a view does not obviate the possibility of other modes of consciousness, but evidence of such is tacitly ignored in the majority of modern neuroresearch. To distinguish other modes of human consciousness and situate them within a coherent psychophysical framework, we must first consider the geometric structure of the radiating electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic energy is observed to consist of three components, termed "domains" in electrical engineering. The electric field and the magnetic field are always at ninety-degree angles to one another as energy flows through timespace.

emf theory

All radiant energy (e.g. often considered in isolated ranges as "light", "heat", "radio waves", etc.) is electromagnetic energy, and it is described as having an electrical component, a magnetic component, a time domain (td), and a frequency domain (fd). Electromagnetic energy is used by our computers and radios for communication in a myriad of ways developed through the understanding of their properties which have been modeled by mathematics. Physically, the magnetic component is perpendicular to the electrical component; mathematically, the time domain is perpendicular to the frequency domain. If consciousness is a property of electromagnetic energy it should have exhibit components in the electric field, the the magnetic field, the time domain, and the frequency domain.

Due to the fact that the electric field is perpendicular to the magnetic field, any signal vibrating in the electric field will have minimal interaction with the magnetic field, and vice versa. The two should cause minimal interference with one another, and there exists the distinct possibility of two components of consciousness within the human body: a quasiindependent electric component and a quasi-independent magnetic component. The possibility that there may be two components of consciousness is reinforced by human experience in a number of areas, for example the accounts of an "etheric body" and an "astral body"

Recently there has been a small but growing suspicion among neurophysicists that some form of consciousness may indeed be identical with the electromagnetic field. In a 2002 publication The Nature of Consciousness: A Hypothesis the New Zealand neurophysiologist Dr. S. Pockett states "consciousness is identical with certain spatiotemporal patterns in the electromagnetic field."8 That same year Dr. J. McFadden, a researcher in genetics at the University of Surrey, published an article "The Conscious Electromagnetic Information (Cemi) Field Theory"1 in which he proposes: The brain's electromagnetic field represents an integrated electromagnetic field representation of distributed neuronal information and has dynamics that closely map to those expected for a correlate of consciousness. I propose that the brain's electromagnetic information field is the physical substrate of conscious awareness.9 However, both McFadden and Pockett display the common assumption that any electromagnetic component of consciousness must be an epiphenomenon, a field generated as a by-product arising from the firing of neurons in the brain or quantum resonance occurring in microtubules. The Tantra would take the converse view, i.e. that it is the radiant Shakti (electromagnetic energy matrix of consciousness) of the cosmos in general and within the bioelectromagnetic field matrix of the Earth itself (Kali, the Great Mother, Gaia) specifically that we should seek the evolutionary driver and precursor to subsequent evolution of consciousness in the biosphere and psychosphere. From this point of view we see how carbonbased life might subsequently arise from the energy field of the cosmos itself, and with it the subsequent epiphenomenoa of the neuron, the brain structures, and that particular temporalsequential mode of consciousness called "human consciousness" harnessed by the emf field for reasoning, memory storage, recollection, and reflective consciousness in time. According to this perspective, it is the "electromagnetic frequency field (EFF)" that is the "horse before the cart" in the evolutionary sequence; first came radiant energy and only subsequently emerged neuronal structures and what we consider to be the complexities of human consciousness.


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