Telepathy communication in Ancient India

I am Amresh kumar from vaishali, Bihar, am a physics teacher at public school, sir, i would like to share my experience during deep meditation about telepathy. As we know that modern electronic communication is based on the generation, modulation and transmission of very high frequency (VHF) electromagnetic waves.
The modulating signal is transmitted by an antenna to the receiver, the core of the transmitter is an electronic oscillator the generates electromagnetic waves, in the same way,the ancient Hindus yogis or mystics used to produce mental waves by controlling theirs biological current flowing through the different parts of the body.

Modern physics has proved the existence of this very electricity, for example, whenever we feel thrill,fear or excitements our hairs on the arms become erect due very high electric field. Yogis have the great skill to produce and control these electricity.
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According to James clerk Maxwell, changing electric field produces changing magnetic field in the space and changing magnetic field produces changing electric field in the space this process continues unless the source of electric field is removed.
Yogis used to produce such mental waves by changing such biological current at a high cycle, the generated waves reached the top part of the mystics heads and acted like a vertical antenna, the head acts as one pole of the magnet or transmitting antenna where maximum field strength is found and the generated waves are modulated by the thinking or thoughts of the mystics or yogis,as in modern system there is an electronic modulator that modulates audio signal or video signal with carrier waves, in the same way, the carrier waves generated by the yogis were modulated by thinking of the yogis, it was a type of amplitude modulation technique.

Only human beings have got the ability to keep their head vertical and can use like a vertical antenna or a pole of a magnet, this telepathy technology was used in Ramayana when Bharat got the news of abduction of sita by demon Ravana then he sent a message to Rama to provide him army but Rama refused,there was a definite time of meditation to communicate message mostly in the early morning and the mystics were being synchronised by theire kundilni powespowers.
I hope you will correct my errors and consider my experience that i have realy experienced.
(Article contributed by Shri Amresh Kumar)
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