An experience with Sudarshan Kriya Practise

There is NO PURPOSE of doing Meditation. It’s a WAY OF LIVING. Don’t focus on what can you get out of meditation, focus on what can you lose by doing it.

Few days back, a friend asked me why I meditate. That moment, my reply was quite spontaneous – To connect with God! After few seconds, I was having a pool of answers but that moment was gone and then I thought answer of that question can’t be given so straightforwardly and so simply. The term “Meditation” is not so simple to understand as it hides a lot of unsaid experiences which is hard to be explained in words but I will try my best to summarize those, still I know those words can’t justify “The experience of Meditation” as everybody has their own experiences in those moments.

Sudarshan Kriya Practise

Starting with my first meeting with Meditation, I was forced to attend Happiness Program of Art of Living in March end of 2015 (A Big Thank You to that person). After attending a program of 3-4 days, when I continued Sudarshan Kriya practice at my home, there was a variety of experiences every time when I came out of “that” phase of Sudarshan Kriya which hardly takes 20 mins, initially. Those 20 mins were used to be my “Me Time”. Slowly-Slowly , those 20 mins automatically increases day by day, giving me more time with myself and there you get one point where you realize that in that me time, there is somebody else too who is with you but you try not to acknowledge that energy and continue on your own pace. Like we brush and take bath daily to clean ourselves physically, Sudarshan Kriya is the practice to clean our mind daily. Some people think that it is an act of aged people who are not left with any important chores or it should be done by those who are not fit or who are disturbed etc. All these are misconceptions which keep us away from the reality of this fast competitive world which judge you by your profession or money or some other irrelevant factors. It’s not like earning money is bad but doing that at the cost of your mental peace is harmful not just for you but also for your people. Balancing our outer world with our inner world is the key to live our life successfully.

Evolving myself spiritually with time gives me wings to hug this world with belongingness. All the people around me, either equation with them is good or bad or neutral, becomes part of me with time and makes me feel that they all belong to me. This journey took a new turn when I decided to go for advance meditation course (AMC) in Dec 2016 which includes Silence, Sadhna & Seva. I will not explain this one as it’s a mind blowing experience which words can’t define. Only one thing I can tell you is it is like servicing your car which needs to be done once in a year, same way AMC does to your mind – deep cleaning of mind.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

After that, I was unstoppable in my spiritual journey. Next was Divya Samaj Ka Nirman (DSN) which helped me to become fearless of the unknown. Then, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation: updates your memory status, little deep process with a mantra, easiest and shortest path to go into meditative state. Recently, I did Shakti Kriya, a meditation technique which increases the intensity and depth of “that State”. Many more to come because I don’t want to stop myself from this blissful experience and want to increase my hunger for this spirituality.

Many people separate Spiritual from Religion but in nutshell, they are quite close neighbours. When we pray, we tell God what we want however when we meditate, God tells us what he wants! Yes, you can experience existence of God by doing meditation. That state will make you so content, peaceful, and blissful that can’t be achieved by paying any cost. It will bring you in present from Past or Future. Few lines can’t do justice to the clarification of Why Should One Do Meditation!

Just do it once and experience it yourself and let me know how was your meeting with the God!

                *Don't judge your practices*It makes some impact on this world*

(Article contributed by Aparna)
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