How does solar system works as per Vedic Physics

One of most discussed contradictions in Sanatan Dharm is how is the Sun revolving around the Earth ?

Yes, Indeed It is a valid question. The Vishnu Puran Ansh 2 Chapter 11 clearly states the Sun to have its own chariot revolving the earth with 60000 "Balkhilya" Rishis chanting Veda and Seven horses on his chariot each having different names. It clarifies ahead. It is very interesting to understand this.

"नोदेता नास्तमेता च कदाचिच्छक्तिरूपधृक् ।
विष्णुर्विष्णोः पृथक् तस्य गणः सप्तमयोऽप्ययम् ।। 18 ।।

स्तम्भस्थदर्पणस्येव योऽयमासन्नतां गतः ।
छायादर्शनसंयोगं स तं प्राप्नोत्यथात्मनः ।। 19 ।।

एवं सा वैष्णवी शक्तिर्न्नैवापैति ततो द्विज ।
मासानुमासं भाखन्तमध्यास्ते तत्र संस्थितम् ।। 20 ।।

पितृ-दैव-मनुष्यादीन् स सदाप्याययन् प्रभुः ।
परिवर्त्तत्यहोरात्रकारणं सविता द्विज ।। 21 ।।"

The Sun does not shine on its own. It is Lord Vishnu who does that for the Sun. The Sun has been shining through Vishnu's Shakti.

" Vishńu, in the  form  of  his  active  energy, never  either rises  or sets, and is  at  once  the sevenfold sun and  distinct  from  it.  In the same  manner  as a  man approaching  a  mirror, placed upon a  stand, beholds  in it  his  own image, so the energy  (or  reflection)  of  Vishńu is  never  disjoined (from  the  sun's  car, which is  the  stand of  the mirror), but  remains  month by  month in the  sun (as  in the  mirror), which is  there stationed. "

So, if I further explain, there is difference between A Grah (Planet) and a Loka/Mandala (Planetery System). And even in the AadhiBhautik and AadhiDaivika Form/Swaroopa of a Deva.

Grah = The Earth as a Planet is all mobile but All stationary as a Mandala.

The Amarkosha(Sanskrit Dictionary) states two names of Earth as "Sthira" as well as "Jagati". Sthira is something still and Jagati is always mobile. How can there be two opposite names for the same person ?

The place we live is Prithvi Grah. Grah is mobile over here. The Earth as a planet revolves the Planet Sun.

So What is Sthira ?

Earth as a Mandala is all planets, stars, galaxies, moons, satelites, sun, stars together in the form of a flat 3D disk. This wont move at all. This is called the Prithvi Mandala.

Above it is 4th dimension, the Bhuvarloka. Further, is the 5th dimension or Swarga Loka where all Devas dwell. Above it comes the Surya Loka/Mandala where the Sun in its AadhiDaivik Form is divided into 12 Adityas performing different tasks. The Sun in its AadhiDaivik form revolves around the "Bhoor, Bhuavar and Suvar" lokas ie The Prithvi Mandala, BhuvarMandala And SwargaLoka. The sun has no reach above. It is stopped by one of the the Highest Mountain, The "Lokaloka Mountain".  The Sun that we experience is the AadhiBhautik Form which only shines due Vishnu's Trayimayi Shakti.

Which is just the Light of the sun reflecting upon us like a mirror as I explained in the above shlokas.


1. The Sun Planet, is just a reflection of the Sun's Aadhidaivik Form's Light. It is just 1 part. It has no significance of itself without the Aadhidaivik form and Vishnu's Shakti. Because, the Sun is not just giving
us light, it is giving us life.

2. The Earth and Other Planets revolve around the Sun. How ?

This is controlled by the Aditya named "Savita". "सूते ग्रहादीन् इति सविता" सूतृच् । Soote means to bear/carry. The one which bears all the Planets (Grahas) is Savita. The sun by his Rashmi (Kiran) controlls all the planets as a Rider controlls the Horses via the Rashmi(Lagam). So the Sun has the "Lagam/Ropes" in the form of "Kiran/Rays" to control all the planets and make them revolve. What are these ropes exactly?

It is the Sun's Gravity which makes all these planets revolve. So What is "Rashmi" ?

"अश्नुते व्यापनोति इति रश्मि:। अशू व्याप्तौ + मि । उणा● अश्नोते रश्च।।"

Rashmi is made by the Verb Ashoo means Vyapti,  ie.To Spread. It doesnt mean Gravity but it does make sense when you combine both of them. "Rashmi and Savita". The one that bears/carries is Savita that is the same as Gravity. And The Sun bears/carries as well as Spreads. So it is due to Savita's gravity, and the Rashmi which keeps the planets orbitting it.

3. The Sun does revolve around Prithvi Mandala, Bhuvar Mandala and Suvar Mandala. But only As the AadhiDaivik Form.

I Hope this Article has erased all your doughts and quaries. I will further explain in my next article

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"What is Jagat and What is Sansar? Is there a difference?" And many other queries.

(Article contributed by Shri Poornanand Goswami)
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