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This is about the 7 virgin goddesses created by maa durga to destroy demons. They are Indrani, Vaishnavi , Kumari, Brahmani, Varahi, Maheswari and Chamundi. Each goddess represents each bad quality needed to be overcome by a human in his or her life time.


Mata Indrani represents the conquerer of fear. She is the shakti of lord indra. She is fierce goddess and does not fear of owns own death which means that she is unconquerable. As humans we are destined to death and we should accept it as we have accepted our birth also.

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Mata Vaishnavi is the shakti of lord Vishnu. She represents as the conquerer of guilt. She is an emboidement of patience. Lord Vishnu is regarded as the Preserver and ironically he sleeps on his Sheshnag representing the patience and tolerance one human should develop to cross hard times.


Mata Kumari is the shakti of lord Kumar. She is the conqueror of shame and embodiment of purity. Just as fire burns and purifies everything, she purifies the inner qualities of human beings.


Mata Brahmani is the shakti of lord brahma. She is the conqueror of lust and attachments. She represents a lotus because even if a lotus is in drainage it blossoms beautifully means that in the world of evil, good can exist.


Mata Varahi is the shakti of lord Yama. She is the conqueror of ego which is the main barrier of human beings to realize Gods. Mata Varahi though fierce, is very kind hearted and never can bear tears out of her children eyes. I have myself blamed mother varahi for all my failures but her blessings has always saved me from evil, saved me for misfortune,  gave me comforts and food. Knowing about her is knowing about compassion and love. If one has the grace to hear about her then Lord Yama himself will think twice judging you at hell.


Mata Maheswari was created from lord Shiva's shakti. She is the conquerer of illusions which means there are no Hindus, Christian , Muslims, Jainism etc. we are all one and the same but we seperate ourselves because we haven't conquered the illusion of life.


Mata Chamundi is the shakti of the divine Adi Para Sakthi. She represents the divine parabrahma, the cosmic power beyond everything. Don't try to understand her because she is way beyond mind and imagination.

Knowing these goddesses itself is utmost blessing and the cause of liberation.

(Article contributed by Sri Ram Arjun)
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