Does NASA copied the design of Rukma Vimana

RUKMA VIMANA is one of the vimanas from VIMANIKA SHASTHRA is an early 20th century Sanskrit text on aeronautics obtained by psychic channeling and automatic writing. Vimānas mentioned in ancient Sanskrit epics were advanced aerodynamic flying vehicles, similar to a rocket. RUKMA VIMANA had long vertical ducts with fans on the top to suck air from the top and send it down the ducts, generating a lift in the process. Utilization of electrical energy to operate Electro- Mechanical arrangement to enable vimana to lift off and accelerate Directional control is through conventional rudder system provided at the base and articulated through crescent shaped plate by means of push pull rods. Rukma is stated to reach speed up to 250 miles in 24 minutes, a speed of 725 miles per Hour.

The Rukma vimana has the appearance of a beautiful hovercraft, being golden in color; it uses solar energy. Propulsion energy systems derive energy from engine-driven propellers, internal combustion, jet propulsion, mercury and solar energy.

Following are common characteristics of Vimanas :

Adrishya Techniques – Make vimana invisible by producing a smoke cocoon around it.

Sarpagamana – Achieve zigzag motion while flying to make chasing and targeting difficult.

Antaraala – Forewarning of danger zones in flying routes and atmosphere.

Vistrita – Expanding wings to protect overheating of some parts.

Sankocha – While at high speeds, constricting the profile by folding

Paroksha – Harnessing atmospheric energy for directing against enemy.

Stamblaha – Discharging apasmara – a poisonous smoke on the enemy to incapacitate them.

Parashamba grahaka – Intercept audio communication among enemy vimanas

Roopakarshana – Taking pictures of activities inside enemy vimana

Kriyagrahana – Getting pictures of activities below the flight path of the aircraft.

The close resemblance between the recent US “Falcon” and Indian “Hyper plane” spaceplane designs to the “Shakuna” and “Rukma” Vimanas, and the UK “Skylon” is cigar- shaped, like the Vimana like “Vailixi”. That the “Shakuna”, “Rukma” and “Vaillixi” were designed and built 12,000- 15,000 years ago indicates that once again after a gap of millennia, mankind has embarked on development of systems and technologies for safe, affordable flight direct to space from a runway take-off. It is essential that mankind learn from the recorded lessons of the ancient, dangerous past when spaceplane were weaponized and waged from outer space. Mankind must thus ensure, internationally that spaceplanes are not weaponized.

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