Do we really exist ? Brief Technical Analytics

Brahman is static uniform Quantum Consciousness. Jivatma is individualized static consciousness, but still static. We are individualized consciousness of compartmentalized Quantum Consciousness.

While Brahman is auto feasible to auto spiritual inclusion the compartmentalized component is auto feasible to delusion only and hence the long haul of spiritualization through materialization or "Badha Mukta".

The dynamization of the static is through integration into the Transcendental Networks or the metaphysical networks. Brahman is not a part of the Un-Manifest Network though.

Its the Master Network. (The originating side of the Self Designed and adopted Bipolar Stature, the metaphysical network component being the extreme side-the known current superlative frontier of the superlative levels of Purushartha)

(Article contributed by Shri Naren)
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