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Kakbhushundi or Kak Bhusundi (Sanskrit: काकभुशुण्डि) is a sage found in ancient hindu texts. He is one of the characters of Ramcharitmanas one of the major Hindu texts by saint Tulsidas. The word Kak literally means crow and it is associated with the name because the sage in his final incarnation was transformed into a crow by sage Lomas and finally he decided to spend his life in the form of a crow.


As per the Hindu texts, it has been said that Kakbhushundi has taken many births and originally he was a sudra of Ayodhya then after going through many rebirths, he finally born as a Brahmana, from this birth only he started getting into the devotion of Rama.

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Once sage Lomas in his anger has cursed him to become a crow because of his repeated arguments and ignorance to the sage's teachings. Sage Lomas later realized the toughness of the curse and recalled Kakbhushundi, thereafter he preached him the stories of Rama as per his wish from there his love of devotion of Rama has started and he further decided to live his life in the physical form of the crow, as in this form only he came to know about the Rama.


As per the texts, it has been said that Kakbhushundi has been gifted with the living of thousand lives and the ability to choose the physical form as per his wish. For his great devotion, Lord Rama has blessed him with eternal life and limitless vision.

As per the texts, one of the important quality of Kakbhushundi is that he has been gifted to stand outside of time, meaning as where the nature's cycle just repeats itself, so he was able to see Ramayana played out eleven times & Mahabharata sixteen times with different results but, after seeing Daksha Yagya twice, he did not either care to see it again or saw no point to seeing any more, as it ended the same way each time.

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According to hinduism, Time is like a helix, it moves circularly and in one direction, that means major incidents have to happen, like incarnation of Vishnu (not of Shiva, Shiva incarnation depend on cirumstances), but otherwise nothing will repeat.


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