3 Horror Movies whose Real story is much scarier than shown in the movie

There is always something fascinating about real life movies. One can say that a story has become immortalized, almost similar for when the memories have been published in a book, only this time; things are better...more visual. But what if the life story being portrayed is not something you want to relive ? What if it's not about an ambition achieved, or a love story fulfilled ? What if there are horrors lingering... would you dare watch it ?

Amityville Horror Movie (2005)

The Amityville Horror Movie is perhaps one of the films that set the stage to bring out more true to life horror movies. Set in 1975, the movie focuses on one family who transferred to a new home in Amityville, New York. Before they bought the house, their broker told them of its history: approximately a year ago, Ronad Defeo murdered six of his family members in the house. The broker asked them if it would change their mind about buying the house, but the couple, thinking that there was nothing wrong about it, pursued the purchase.

They were advised by a friend to bless the house, especially with its murderous history. The priest arrived and when he arrived in a room on the second floor, he heard a male voice telling him to "Get out." He did not mention it to Kathy and George at that time but he did warn them to stay away from that room. The priest reported to develop a fever and blisters after leaving the house.

Just like anything, they started out well, until the youngest child mentioned that she had a friend named Jodie. Apparently,Jodie was a child of Ronald Defeo, a child whom he murdered and locked in a closet. Not only that, but Kathy started to have vivid nightmares of the murders. She started learning who in the family died first and in what room, even though she did zero research on the murders. From there, things started to go downhill.

George, the head of the family, started to become abusive to the children. He also always strangely woke up at 3:15 am-- the approximate time of the Defeo murders. When his wife, Kathy-- who was convinced that it was the doing of the house's hor­ror-- tried to evacuate the family out of the house, George attacked her. Fortunately, she was able to knock him out, thus, the spirit who possessed him was driven away. The ending was realistic though, the family left the house, without even returning for their personal things.

The Exorcist (1973)

The film is about a child, Regan, who killed her baby sister and another man (a man whom her mother had a crush on) because she was being possessed. It all started when Regan played with a Ouija board, after that, she started to act strangely-­ using bad language, being uncommonly strong, and making scary, mysterious noises. When it was confirmed that Regan was indeed being possessed by a demon, two priests were called to do the exorcism. One of them, apparently, was already able to defeat the same demon before.

While the exorcism was happening, one of the priests was sent out because he was having trouble concentrating due to the demon's mocking. When he returned, the other priest had already died. He begged the demon to possess him instead of the child, and when his request was granted, he jumped out of the window as a form of self sacri­fice - ultimately completing the exorcism. According to the author, the facts are based on a 1949 exorcism done in Cottage Maryland. The real story was about a boy who also started acting strangely and was soon sent to be exorcised.

Audrey Rose

Audrey Rose is about Ivy who was possessed by a girl named Audrey Rose. Unlike other possession movies, Audrey Rose wasn't evil - in fact, the author centers the movies on reincarnation, rather than possession. Audrey Rose apparently died in a car accident 2 minutes before Ivy was born. Audrey Rose's father, Hoover, began stalking the family because it had come to his knowledge that his daughter was alive again, in Ivy's body.

When Ivy started acting strangely, only Hoover could calm her down by calling her by her Audrey Rose name. He also explained about the process of reincarnation, but Ivy's parents (more particularly her father) refused to believe him.

In the end, to prove that Ivy was not the reincarnation of anyone else's child, her father urged hypnosis. In the process, Ivy relived the car accident and she died in the traumatic process, prompting the father to believe about reincarnation once and for all. The author said that this story is based on his own son - whom he heard playing the piano beautifully and perfectly, even when he did not take any piano lessons in the past. When he consulted an occultist, he said that his son experienced a "reincarnation leak" and that he had already lived numerous lives.

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