Radha Krishna TV serial : Just a Fake story or a big danger for our child

In our Universe which is just a single soap bubble of a big basket filled with n numbers of soap bubbles, Lord Krishna lived for 124 years. As per recent research. Krishna left us on 18 Feb 3102 BC at 14:27:30 to be very exact. Lord Krishna is an inspiration for all of us. Golok Dham where our Kanha lives is at one of  the highest dimension of the multiverse just below where the supremacy of Lord Shiva starts.

We should encourage our youngsters to read and study the character of Lord Krishna which is enormous but simple. Television can be one of the source to teach them but irony is that Television is playing a major role in manipulating and molding our  ancient Vedic Hindu history.

Well there are many serials. list is long. The serial attracted me is "Radha Krishna" used to telecast on star bharat  as my wife used to watch it and used to differentiate me with the Krishna.

This serial is heavily deviated from the real story of Lord Krishna. I will highlight few of them as i don't like this serial and hence don't watch it regularly.

Serial Disclaimer - Do any thing u want

When the serial starts a 3 second disclaimer appears. Have u ever read it. I request you to read it. If u cannot pause it live , see it in hotstar and pause the videos. You will be shocked. Disclaimer says

"यह कार्यक्रम केवल मनोरंजन के उद्देश्य से है | कहानी को और अधिक प्रभावशाली ढंग से प्रस्तुत करने के लिए सूचनात्मक स्वतंत्रता का सहारा लिया गया |"

It clears the sole purpose of serial is to mold the facts related to life events of Lord Krishna to make it entertaining and get bigger TRPs and ofcourse money. Putting a small disclaimer give them the right to play with the sentiments of Hindus. When Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna used to come in 90s, our parents told us that Krishna killed Putna, Kansa etc. But today what we will tell our Child that what Krishna used to do after our child watches this deformed form of the story because mind of a child is clear and if you are putting deformed and molded form of Krishna's story to his / her mind. It is  dangerous to our society and Sanantan Dharma.

Age of Lord Krishna

In the serial, Lord Krishna's age has been indicated to be about 16 years which is completely incorrect.

In reality, Lord Krishna spent his life as per the following time table :

1. Vraja Leela – span of 11 years 6 months (As a child in Brindavan)
2. Mathura Leela – span of 10 years 6 months (As a teenager after killing his Kamsa)
3. Dwaraka Leela – span of 105 years 3 months (After establishing kingdom in Dwaraka)

When Lord Krishna killed Kamsa, Krishna was 11 years 6 months old where as Kamsa is still alive even after Krishna crossed the age of 16.

On the Full Moon (Kartika Purnima), Lord Krishna performed Raas Leela with gopis at the age of 8 years 3 months whereas in the serial they are shown teenagers and giving Raas Leela, a different negative meaning.

radha krishna tv serial star barat

Role of Balrama

In Hindu texts, Balarama is depicted as light skinned, in contrast to his brother, Krishna, who is dark skinned; Krishna in Sanskrit means dark. In the serial, Krishna is fairer, he is made fairer and young in  the serial so as to make it a part of attraction between the Gopis completely ignoring the real factor of Raas.

We know that Balarama is nothing but Shesha. Shesha is said to hold all the planets of the universe on his hoods and to constantly sing the glories of the God Vishnu from all his mouths. In the TV serial, do you think from any angle, this average actor depicts the real appearance of Balrama. He looks even thinner than Krishna.

Making him thinner and less fairer is again a fake propaganda. His outfit in the serial completely insults the Balrama character. It seems the serial dress designer like to Assassin's Creeds video games too much.

Kamsa - A hilarous character in serial

In the serial, Kamsa is depicted as a foolish ruler who has no army whatsoever. He just has losers like Jatila and Ayan who fails him everytime. I think Kamsa has a life insurance policy too as he is not still been killed even after Krishna is now 16-17 years old in the serial.

List is long and covering in a single post is not possible but you might got the point. Finding errors is easy, ofcourse. There is no doubt the serial is a complete work of fiction but makers don't have the right to use Hindu religious characters or Hindu Vedic events to make their entertaining work creation. They could have user other names, Why Krishna, why Radha. Does this has a hidden agenda, owner of channel is Walt Disney and they must understand this situation.

We must understand that putting fake stories from various source of media in the innocent mind of our Children is very dangerous. This will put the glory of Hindu Sanatan Dharma into danger in the future.

I hope BJP which emerged as a biggest Hindu political party will help in filtering such attempts to destabilize the pillars of Hindu Santana Dharma.

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  1. Anonymous 10 October, 2019 at 12:12 Reply

    What you said is right except that point where you said Krishna was dark but sumedh is fairer. Are you stupid.. They are just for acting..you can’t get real Krishna in this world.. Krishna was taller than any of us in this world. So there would be no one who could act. So stop commenting about selection of actors.

  2. Anonymous 28 October, 2019 at 02:46 Reply

    You think BJP really cares about Hinduism at all. It’s just their means to get into power killing religious hormony. Do you think, the policiticians from BJP know Sanatana Dharma is real sense. For them our religion is just temples and cows.

  3. Aditya 25 December, 2019 at 06:26 Reply

    You are wrong in one place that Goloka Dham is below supremacy of Lord Siva. Lord Krishna is the original of everything. If you consider that siva purana is saying all this than in skanda Purana it is said that :

    Shiva-shastershu tad grahyam
    Paramo vishnus evaikas
    Taj-jnanam moksha-sadhanam
    Shastranam nirnayasa tv
    Eshas tad anyan mohanaya hy iti

    “The statements of saiva scriptures should be accepted only when they agree with the vaishnava scriptures. Lord Vishnu (Krishna) is the only Supreme Lord, and knowledge of him is the path to liberation. That is the conclusion of all the scriptures any other conclusions are meant to only bewilder the people. ”

    I didn’t mean to offend someone but it is an offense to consider Krishna or his abode to be equal or lower than any demigod. Siva is a great devotee of Krishna, Vaishnava yatha sambu and I respect him very much but he is not the Supreme Lord.

    Hare Krishna

    P. S. I request the author of this website to publish articles on bhakti and Krishna rest other things are material and will be destroyed in time. Otherwise your work is great.

  4. Gopal Krishna Das 3 February, 2020 at 17:00 Reply

    Yes, Srimati Radharani is the original Hladini Shakti or the internal pleasure potency of Lord Krishna the original Purusha. All avatar of Laxmi ceom from Srimati Radharani as they leave Goloka Dham. Since Radha and Krishna never leave Vrindavan, the original topmost realm, Krishna and Radharani take the forms of a Vishnu or Laxmi incarnation or avatar. Thus, Laxmi comes from Radharani. Krishna and Radharani are the original forms of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine of Oroginal Father and Mother, original male and female forms of Godhead.

    Lord Siva is the incarnation of Sadaisiva, which is Lord Narayan who lives inbetween the Spiritual and Material Realms. Lord Siva is the topmost devotee expression of Narayan in the Material World and Krishna’s Yogamaya Shakti or sister energy is expressed as Durga, Parvati and Kali in the Material Realm. their purpose, like any other energies of God is to provide universal balances in the Material Realm.
    Thus, Vishnu and Laxmi are the Father and Mother of the Material Realm. Lord Siva is called unborn as he was never made into conception from a male and female, but through the passion and anger of Lord Brahma so He may manifest himself in the Material World as Siva. But as Rudra, the destroyer, his main function as a universal deity, he is incharge of destruction and the tama guna or the mode of ignorance. Thus, Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Siva is not worshipped as God by the Vaisnavas although He is non different as Lord Vishnu Himself. Because to worship Siva is to be bestowed upon by material pleasures, which is against the principles of Vaisnava lineage. The purpose of spirituality is to seek transcendence. To always be in the service of God, Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Most Gaudiya Vaisnavas do not even worship Vishnu, as Vishnu’s form is for a different rasa or spiritual relationship expression which inculcates the need for awe and reverence. Whereas, in Krishna’s leela, the Rasa is expressed in a much more intimate expression of bhava or devotional sentiment. Thus, the gaudaiya Vaisnava which was re-established by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is the direct avatar of Krishna in the Mood of Srimati Radharani, has set forth the highest and sweetest of relationships that Bhagavan Sri Krishna desires, which is Krishna Bhakti. The rest of the relationships and religions of the vedic system focus on deva worship for material pleasures and purposes but not for the highest kind of bhakti or devotion.

  5. Outralonurl 23 February, 2020 at 14:02 Reply

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  6. Anonymous 24 June, 2020 at 13:56 Reply

    I have question, can’t be they questioned ( serials makers) or we can file case on them because what I feel is on the name of entertainment they are misleading and mocking.

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