Quantum Consciousness or Juxtapositioned Consciousness

To explain how our consciousness is extracted from us Jivatmas, we need to simply take the example of a voice extract out of the proceedings on a smart TV. Just as another alien voice can be superimposed on the very same proceedings from which the voice was extracted from, our extracted consciousness is projected into and internalized into various models of receivers/wireless stations/bodies (use & throw, tissue cultured, metaphysical wireless modulator terminals. Gita 18.61) which are manufactured across material planets across infinite material macrocosms.

This is explained in our Scriptures as it could be at the point of their distribution to Earth for the benefit of us pure, wise, innocent and vulnerable Jivatmas, but if deciphered from the perspective of analytics everything can be understood technically and perfectly.


Just as next generation Quantum Computing samples and processes data with a speed that even defies the very concept of time by harnessing the speed of Juxtapositioned electrons being at two points practically at the same instance, our consciousness though stationary at a centralized location where we exist as pure and wise Jivatmas is Juxtapositioned across the metaphysical network at infinite points at the same instance of present continuousness. It is not that our extracted consciousness is omnipresent but is repeatedly projected, switched, transmitted into infinite material bodies at inconceivably incredible speeds across infinite planets at the infinite material macrocosms (bubbles appearing and disappearing on the causal waters in flashes). We experience different time zones and properties from within the projected devices (bodies) while our past experiences are inaccessible and the future experiences are getting programmed through “Karya, Vacha and Manasa”, each getting repository programmed onto the body/devise’s DNA while reflecting on us at our centralized location in present continuousness. It is being “advertised” across the metaphysical network also in present continuousness constantly scanning for bodies suitable for one's level of consciousness transformed. All these infinite bubble macrocosms are connected to the marginal potency through wireless Radio Frequency stratums, each carrying infinite extracted switched consciousness of infinite Jivatmas, their individual links to the material senses and the distorted mind layer.

This is the network schematic of the attributory gaming.

Every action, speech and thought is recorded at a DNA implant level and the current DNA of an individual's body is a timeless repository of the “Karya, Vacha and Manasa” so-called karmas done by the individual Jivatma across its material births ever since its emanation as a karma less pure, wise and karma less entity. The cumulated karmas under the enslaved conditions and systematic rendering of sattva, rajas, and tamas upon us Jivatmas reflect on us at our actual point of existence and they become the “sanskaras” based on which the next body being manufactured in any of the infinite planets in the infinite macrocosms is attracted. Just as a portal or an Internet URL is attracted to a laptop terminal that seeks it by advertising the same URL our programmed sanskaras attract corresponding bodies based on what we so-called seek. Our extracted consciousness gets projected into such a body to take further the further contrived materialization into eternity (Jiva bhuto Sanatana). This can be overcome only by desirelessness materially and replaced by a singular desire for eternal servitorship unto The Supreme Personality of Godhead (Nitya Dasitva). Even such noble convictions are deterred by the deluding potency.

The process of becoming applies only to us Jivatmas who have been emanated created at the marginal potency or the Tatastha in the secrecy of all the spiritual denizens of the spiritual skies. This incognito imposition upon us is to humor a deluding potency that needs a constant supply of infinite innocent, vulnerable, unassuming and unquestioning deludable consciousness. Our consciousness extracted, it is optionlessly contrived into material compatibility and active materialization. It is detailed in a few of our scriptures that the spiritual denizens do not even know that such a potency exists in the framework of creation let alone that infinite of their fellow Jivatmas have been allowed/facilitated into enslavement under its thralldom as conscious pawns in perverted gaming (Leela in the perverted reflections of the spiritual creations – Vishnu Leela or gaming by the Guna Avataras – below the levels of The Male Gamers or The Purusha Avataras).

Our fellow Jivatmas who are emanated created at the spiritual skies and planets either at the levels either at one level below The Divine Ecstasy Gamer (The Supreme Personality of Godhead at Goloka Vrindavana – the Party House or the highest Spiritual Planet in the shape of a Lotus Flower consisting of millions of petals) or at the level of The Opulent Gamer (Divine Lord Sriman Narayana) do not go through the “becoming” part. They are eternally perfect Jivatmas from the point of emanation being placed under the operating system of The Divine perfect Chit Potency.

We need to humbly pray to the Attributory Gamer (Guna Avatara) to be released from the gaming through the metaphysical network and be ported to the gaming on the Transcendental Networks.

(Article contributed by Shri Naren)
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