Pushpak Viman - Most Advanced Vimana of Ramayan

Pushpak Viman is mentioned in many Hindu Vedic texts. Ancient Hindu scriptures including Ramayan and Mahabharat give detail mention of other Vimanas too. Old ancient texts mentioned in Vaimanika Shastra explains the technology behind the Pushpak Vimana.

Vimana of Ravan - Pushpak Vimana

We can find the detailed description of Pushpaka Vimana in Yuddha Kandha. When Lord Ram killed Ravan and further decides to return back to Ayodhya, Lord Ram asks Vibhishan that how they can quickly reach Ayodhya as traveling back in the same path would be very difficult. Ravan had many squadrons of Vimanas with different kind of Vimanas having distinct qualities and features. Vibhishan suggested that he can drop all of them to the city within a day and described Pushpaka Vimana to him.

“Avam uktastu Kaakustam|

Pratyuvaacha Vibhishanah||

Ahnaa tvaam praapayishyaami|

Taam puriim paarthivaatmaja ||” 6-121-8

“Hearing the words of Rama, Vibhishana replied: "O prince! I will get you to that City in a day."

Speed of Pushpak Vimana

The main point which we need to consider here is the pushpaka vimana described in Ramayana which could cover a distance of Lanka to Ayodhya within a day. Aerial distance between Lanka and Ayodhya is approximately around 2110 km i.e. 1311 miles. That means Pushpak Vimana in those days could cover this aerial distance of 2110 kms within a day. There is no description of Vimana traveling during night in Ramayana hence we can probably guess that pushpaka vimana might have taken maximum 6 to 8 hours of time during day time to travel from Lanka to Ayodhya.

Both Rama and Lakshman were amazed seeing this vimana. Sloka below describes the same.

Tat pushpakam kaama gamam vimaanam|

Upastitam bhoodhara sannikaasham||

Drushtvaa tadaa vismayamaajagaama|

Raamah sowmitrirudaarastvah||”

“The generous minded Rama along with Lakshman felt amazed to see the aforesaid aerial car, Pushpak which resembled a mountain and which could travel everywhere at will, arrived on that occasion.”

Riding Plane with power of mind

The important point for us here is “kaama gamam vimaanam” i.e. this pushpak vimana could “travel everywhere at will”. Here once again we can compare this with thought powered aircraft. After the research by Prof. Bin He‟s team from University of Minnesota in the year 2013, Tim Fricke along with his team of German scientists from Technical University of Munich researched on flight simulator in the year May 2014 using which aviators could use nothing but their brains to fly the air crafts. In this project just using their thought power a team of seven pilots, some with no previous experience of flying were able to control the flight simulator.

Electrical signals from their brain were being read by their helmet which had dozens of electroencephalography electrodes. They used an algorithm which would convert the brain signals into computer commands. The pilots who underwent this experiment were able to control the plane well enough to satisfy all the criteria for gaining pilot license. Tim Fricke, aerospace engineer who heads the project at Technical University of Munich said that, his long term vision is to make flying accessible to more people.

mind control vimana

Mind control has reached new heights after a group of pilots were able to successfully fly a plane using nothing but their thoughts. German scientists showed how seven pilots, some with no previous experience of flying used mind control to fly with "astonishing accuracy‟.

(Credits : Smt Shruthi.K.R. Int. Journal of Engineering Research and Applications)


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