Atma Gnanam - Only way to reach Para Brahma and attain Moksha

All of us would have thought of God's at some point of time, or other but would've gone through ethical rumors, and half stories.
Let us clear our way to the top ,by enduring through the fogginess. Firstly, what we think is that, there are only there are three main gods, but there are more, Maheswara Sivalinga, Sadasiva and Rudra. Now you may think that these names are Lord Shiva's, but no..
You see, we go through endless janmas and we have three shariras, one of them is sukshma sharira, which has all the desires and needs of the body, if we want to shorten and say it is atma with impurities.


When we die it tries to go inside the original body and stay back, but it can't then it has hunger and thirst, to quench them it needs a body. These are what we call ghosts. To take over one body, the sukshma sharira in the body must be mentally weak, then after taking over the body it lavishes itself by fulfilling the desires it has and then all the sins increase and goes to the two worlds swarga and naraka and falls into janma. So don't think suicide is the best option to get rid of problems.


The sukshma sharira loses all  its powers it had when it was a ghost taking over a body. Now in the womb it promises itself that it will not perform any sin and will lead to moksha, but maheswara erases it's memory to test whether it can lead to moksha but some parts remain like have you ever felt safe and happy when you are with someone you met for the first time, then he would've been with you. All these gods are just ranking ,the sukshma sharira in it changes when the posting time is over. There is one almighty beyond all “Para Bramha" he is different from bramha, he created the shrushti and all gods, he is everywhere in everything. He is an infinite network. To attain him you needed Atma Gnanam which means knowing who you are ...And when you get it you can do anything ,but to get it you need to meditate and concentrate on your breathing.
To get Atma Gnanam you need a guru, to find who he is there are a few lakshana. Main lakshanas  is that he will have a third eye but you can't see it but you can feel it by touching the fore head,and the head is slightly bent.
We call our teachers as guriji but guru means; One who leads us out of the darkness of ignorance to atma gnanam.
So you have to call your teacher as acharya ir upadhyaya or adhyapaka.
(Article contributed by Shri Kapileshwar Reddy)
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