Secret of Multiverse given by Aliens to US and Russian Government - Shocking Reveal

No doubt, many governments of world have extensive files on the alien; the files, dossiers and vaults encompass every single thought, concept, theory and assumption on all aspects and facets of humanity, our origin, our history, how religions were created, how the concept of God was invented, the future of the human race, futuristic science, you name it.

The importance of ufology should not rotate exclusively around UFOs and exotic spacecrafts (Aliens or man-made);there are much more important subjects we should learn about, and focus our attention upon, such as our origin, the veracity of recorded history, and major (forgotten or missed) events in the history of humanity and planet Earth we are not aware of, our future/destiny, the influence and impact of galactic (aliens and extraterrestrials) civilizations on our culture, social systems, beliefs, our future and Earth's fate. Fortunately, a great deal of information on these subjects were provided by aliens and extraterrestrials to secret govt. officers who met with them on numerous occasions.

Herewith are some mind-blowing excerpts from transcripts that have recorded the information and knowledge US and Russian govt got from them.

On the Universe and Multiple dimensions:

The universe was created from within; an implosion on the inside and collisions of bubbles on the outside. There are multiple dimensions beyond our phys­ical world. And within each layer of dimension, there is a multitude of other forms of dimensions. There are multiple dimensions in the universe, such as:

  • a- Parallel dimension,
  • b- Ultra dimension,
  • c- Adjacent zone,
  • d- Etheric zone,
  • e- Future's dimension,
  • f- Plasmic zone,
  • g- Time dimension,
  • h-And there are 12 interconnected dimensions that are constantly expanding. These zones and dimensions vary from one galaxy to another.

Aliens also reveled that there are Black holes as well as white holes contain dark energy, white energy, dark matter, and neutral matter, gravity and anti-gravity, and time-space memory. The universe-space has its own memory. It transcends space itself and time. There are 224 planets that sustain life as we know it. The universe bends on itself. Dark matter is what keeps the universe in place and in order, and contributes to its expansion. The shortest distance between A and B is not a straight line, but a bent trajectory between two dots on a parallel plane. Each galaxy contains millions of time-space trajectories. In some dimensions, future does not exist, and in some other dimensions, the past is not created yet.

Aliens revealed that we are living in a Multiverse

Our universe is one of many in the 'multiverse'. And the multi universe bends on itself and bumps into its multi-layers, thus constantly creating more universes, including galaxies, and black holes.This item was mentioned twice in the Aliens Transcript and had 2 separate footnotes. Einstein's general theory of relativity is not totally correct. It is only applicable to space-zones regulated by light and motion in one direction. The universe expands in multiple directions, through the "dark energy flow". And if the uni­verse ceases to exist, copies of the extinct universe will re-animate a new beginning that will explode into billions of new universes.

At one point in the universe, some galaxies were flat. And in the dark space of these galaxies, other time-spaces universes are constantly created. Parallel universes although they are not visible to us have major effect on our psyche and eventually the future and fate of the human race. Other universes leak their gravity into our world through the dilatation of "Time-Orbits" (Ba'abs). This gravity has time-space memory.

Aliens also rejected Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory is incorrect. The universe was created from an implosion originally rooted into the vacuum of nothingness, without time, space, past, and beginning. It exploded in the state of nothingness, thus it has no beginning and no end. Implosion and collision of bubbles created billions of stars and planets. This item was mentioned before and noted twice in the Aliens Transcripts, with a minor variation.

We can enter a meta space-time zone, and observe what it is going to happen to planet Earth, millions of years in the future, because that zone is the original picture-dimension-existence of Earth. That zone in the future is the primordial existence of planet Earth. It is the same all over the universe.Each zone is a duplicate of another; this is how the Grays explained the infinity and ever-lasting expansion of the universe. There are copies of each one of us in other dimensions.

Aliens revealed about Stargates

On other planets, in our galaxy and beyond, and particularly in multi-dimensional zones or time-space zones, past, present and future con­ currently exist on the same plane.This multi-co­ existences allow other species to navigate time, back and forth inno-time. Planet Earth will cease to exist in 5 billion years, along with our solar system. There are several Ba'abs (Stargates) around planet Earth. These are the gates to parallel universes. New York and Chicago have several Ba'abs.

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