How Mind manipulates dream - get reactions from soul

“In sleep-time our mind repeats the activities of the day-time and based on these activities (stimulus) our Soul Reacts (imagine the new situation), these Reactions are not in language. So in few times more reactions happen. The Soul’s these reactions are recorded in our mind and after awaking these reactions are actualized by our mind. This actualization is called ‘Reaction Fruit’.

Again these Reaction Fruits (Actions) repeated by mind in sleep-time and based on these activities our Soul reacts (Imagine the new situation), these ‘Reactions’ not in any language. The Soul’s these reactions are recorded by our mind and after awaking these reactions are actualized by our mind. In this way a repeated cycle of ‘Reactions’ and ‘Reactions Fruits’ is going on up to the death.”

“When we sleep our mind starts to repeat the activities of our awaking-time staring from ‘before present sleeping’ and ends to ‘last awaking (our last awaken after the last sleeping)’. In the same way our Soul also starts ‘Reactions’ after repetition of each activity by the mind and concurrently mind also records the ‘Reactions’ of Soul to actualize these reactions after rising.”

Our interaction(s) with other Creature(s) is/are the ‘Reaction Fruit’ of our and their. The same above principal applies to many Creatures. While some Creatures are exception of this, they reacts immediately after ‘Reaction Fruit’. These Creatures does not sleep, like us.

About Dream:

The dream is one that we see and we have full/part remembrance of that. This dream is the effects of external Creature(s)/Soul(s).

 The dream is seen:

  1. When any irregular stimulus is felt, then Creature’s own Soul reacts as per expectation to actualize the Reaction immediately and Creature get ‘Reaction Fruit’ immediately.
  2. When the other Soul interrupts the reaction(s) of Creature’s Soul and reacts in its (other soul’s) own expectation and get immediately the ‘Reaction Fruit’.

Our body reacts or not with ‘Reaction Fruit’ depend on reaction making Soul’s Energy. (More the soul have prime energy more the chance of body’s reaction according to ‘Reaction Fruit’).

Instances of  Operation with Human:

    1. Sometime we have to express something while the desired word does not come in our mouth to speak, even after trying much more to remember the word. But when we sleep and after awaking we find the same word in our speech.

  1. We find our present surrounding world nearer to our past surrounding world. I mean we find people, place, etc. as per our knowledge.



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