The Mind is the browser on the Transcendental Network

The Transcendental Network or the Transcendental Gaming Platforms consists of the collective Un-Manifest Network, The spiritual Networks, and The Metaphysical Network. Together they can be termed as having a self designed and self-adopted a Bipolar Stature, the purpose is to take the pleasures of Adi-Rasa to its superlative levels (Jaiva Dharma).

The Networks themselves are self-sufficient not only technically being self-installing and self-driven but also the CTO Stake Holder’s emanation of the required plain sheets of uniform consciousness, agitated to individualized consciousness to perform the roles of “Nitya Prasada” in the respective gaming platforms.

The originating end of the Bipolar Stature does not use Jivatmas in Their Rasa but from its Manifestive Network or the Spiritual Network connected with it on a Host Gateway protocol, Jivatmas are embodied in indestructible Spiritual bodies and at the Metaphysical Network which is, in turn, a skewed refractive index of the Spiritual Network, Jivatmas are contrived materialized into “perceived embodiment”.

All bodies/conscious terminals under the framework of perceived embodied are wireless terminals on the disaggregated Transcendental Networks, though the direct last mile connectivity exists with the Metaphysical Network. The body/metaphysical terminal (, (, it and its consciousness, the senses and the seven layers of mind cloud are all at different locations if the infinite Spiritual Skies separated by inconceivable distances on wireless protocols.

The Scriptural Cloud gives us all these information with precession detailing and most importantly the stakeholders of each level of gaming; The Transcendental Technocrat Who facilitates all these and more.

The important navigator aspect of being an integral part of the network is that one can navigate through it by choice. Just as there are many browsers on the Internetwork, GSM Network or even any Intranet definitely and for sure opens the destination portal based on the “keywords” entered, the mind is the browser across the three phases Bipolar Transcendental Network.

In full knowledge of one’s fundamental rights of “eternal cognitive bliss” and the TN framework, one can port one’s own consciousness to an eternal embodiment. The protocols for porting from the metaphysical network is also in the control of the mind. Keeping the destination levels as keywords in the mind and keeping away from the 32-bit contamination matrix everyone will achieve their rightful state.


Of course, the mind will open ancillary destinations also in the process for sure.

Just as the Internet has many browsers, the Mind Cloud to which all of us have access has multiple browsers/levels (Kena Upanishad). All should be kept open for strategic navigations as required and desired:

  • The Primeval Causal Mind
  • The Mind of the Mind
  • The Cosmic Mind
  • The Intellectual Mind
  • The distorted mind
  • The functional mind
  • The instinctive mind

All network terminals, a lap top, a desk top, tablet, smart TV, smart phone, wireless router are all connected to the respective mundane network on a “seven layer” transmission stratum (ISDN, TCPIP, SIM,) be it wired or wireless, these wireless terminals (bodies) of the metaphysical network, one of which we identify ourselves with is also connected with the total Transcendental Network through its inbuilt wireless router in the form of the brain cum spinal cord with its “seven pins” connector (Chakras), and the devise/body/metaphysical terminal works.

(Article contributed by Shri Naren)
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