Meditation or Karma Dhyan - Which is more fruitful

The concept of meditation or dhyan through karma is quiet simple. It means that the person must do his or her work with such level of concentration that it serves the purpose of meditation.


Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize something or create a state of mental equilibrium to reach a higher state of consciousness and thereby gain spiritual knowledge. So in short we can say that meditation is very important for man especially when we are living in Kal Yuga where man's mind is filled with greed, hate , lust and ego. Meditation is the solution for all these problems. Meditation will help man overcome these problems and attain a higher level of consciousness which will give man peace and spiritual knowledge thereby transforming his or her life to a new level.


Today, man's life has become fast and does not find time for spending time with his family let alone  find time for meditation and spiritual growth. But that does not mean that they cannot meditate and do karma at the same time. This is where the concept of Karma Dhyan comes in. Logically speaking Meditation is also a kind of work where man induces a mode of consciousness for reaching a higher state of consciousness or gaining spiritual knowledge. So a person by simply concentrating on the work that he or she is doing can induce a state of consciousness which is done at the time of Meditation and thus reach a higher state of consciousness and gain spiritual knowledge. Although it requires regular practise and deep concentration to do Karma Dhyan but with regularity it can be achieved soon. A time will come when the person doing will be focused all the time and thus consciously or unconsciously he or she will be doing Karma Dhyan all the time and this will lead to a rapid development of consciousness of the person and thus lead to spiritual growth.


As spiritual growth occurs the ego, pride, greed, lust and resentment will dissolve and the person will feel peace of mind and internal bliss. He or she will become hard working as they will enjoy their work as it gives them peace and they will become physically and mentally fit. They will become so involved in their Karma Dhyan that they will not indulge in the base attractions of the society and thus gain immense internal peace. In such a time of widespread greed, negativity and ego, Karma Dhyan is the best way to attain spiritual growth and inner peace.

(Article contributed by Shri Dinalo Banik)
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