MATSYA AVATAR - A Terrific Example of Intergalactic Travel

There is a great possibility that lord Vishnu had sent an interstellar spaceship to Manu for transfer of important life forms to the other parallel universe. We know that each cosmic Vishnu is observing the parallel time lines of each parallel universe. During the death of Universe or so called Mahapralay, it is the duty of cosmic Vishnu of that dying universe to transfer all life forms to safer parallel universe.

matsya avatar

Hence, during Matsya Avatar ,Vishnu sent the interstellar spaceship to Manu and took the form of Matsya or so called Pilot of the spaceship itself. Besides this, when cosmic Vishnu left his singhasan for Manu, Adishesha also left his place. Adishehsa guided and protected the space ship from external disturbances. This is also mentioned in Hindu texts. Matsya told Manu that at the day of Mahapralay, your boat will be connected to me through a giant snake.

Even Brahma didn’t sat quite because he had the most important role to make the Manu’s journey successful. Brahma’s role was to create the wormhole i.e. to create the tunnel connecting the parallel universes.

Brahma did this with his “Power of creation” . “Power of creation” is the Brahma’s capability to convert energy into matter. In modern Physics, we call this “power of creation” as Higgs field. Higgs field consists of subatomic particles including Higgs Boson. In Large Hydron Collider (Switzerland), wormholes are created at the subatomic particle. Brahma did the same with his “Power of creation” or so called Higgs field.
After entering to the new parallel universe, Brahma again started work of creation. Converting energy into matter in form of celestial bodies like stars, planets, galaxies etc. Manu transferred life forms to theses celestial bodies and Vishnu helped him in the same.

But the question is …

What will happen at the end of Kaliyug, will the same situation arise. Is this the reason , 9 chiranjivis like Ashwathama, Vibhishan, Parshuram etc. are still alive and waiting for the day of Mahapralay. Will Kalki take the help from the Chiranjivis for the survival of life in the universe. Will there be a complete black out of the universe which will force us to start another parallel space journey. Yes, it has a great possibility.

Till then feel proud because you are a successor of an interstellar traveler.

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