Marvel ANTMAN inspired from Anima Siddhi of Rigveda

It is always fascinating to see the superhero's changing its size in Hollywood movies. Ramanand Sagar was expert in India for doing such effects although it was merely a camera trick. In Ramayan TV serial, Hanuman changing his size big or small shocked us. How Hanumanji changed his body size so small that he was able to enter a small hole of the main door of Lanka and how he grew his body while burning Lanka.

Hanuman Ji even has the ability to alter the size of specific parts of the body. The same power was possessed by Vaman Avatar who increased his size drastically and measured the complete universe only with his two steps.

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ANTMAN and the Pym Particles

In 2015, Marvel introduced Antman. Antman uses same Shrinking Technology by employing Pym Particles. The Ant-Man suit uses Pym Particles. These particles are subatomic particles that are capable of adding or reducing mass or scale. Basically, they can grow or shrink an object in size and increase the density and strength of the subject
This is why the suit increases the wearer’s strength while they change size.

Pym's suits allow a wearer to take advantage of the properties of Pym Particles without potential negative consequences. The same technology is mentioned in the Ramayan. This was possessed by Hanumanji. This technology is nothing but Anima Siddhi, one of the Siddhi out of the Asht Siddhis possessed by Hanuman Ji. These Asht Siddhis are Aṇimā, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prāpti, Prākāmya, Iṣiṭva, Vaśitva.

1. Aṇimā:

Ability to reduce the size of the body, sometimes even to the size of the atoms.

2. Mahima:

Ability to assume a gigantic form ('Becoming larger than the largest' as described in Srimad Bhagavatam by Lord Krishna).

3. Garima:

Ability to become very heavy in weight by will.

4. Laghima:

Laghima comes from the word laghu, which means small or light. Laghima is the ability to make the body very light ('Becoming lighter than the lightest'). Levitation and flying in the air are its subsidiary powers.

5. Prāpti:

Word praapti means 'to obtain', 'having obtained', 'to have got'. Thus praapti is the ability to acquire anything anywhere.

6. Prākāmya

The ability to obtain anything desired, the ability to have realized the dreams.

7. Iṣiṭva

Iṣa=lord; isitva=lordship; The power of absolute lordship over the entire creation

8. Vaśitva

The ability to have everything under control, especially the physical manifestation made up of 5 elements

We all know Marvel attach quantum to almost everything to explain the physics behind the superpower of Marvel superheros. They attached the quantum realm to Antman as well. The Quantum Realm is a dimension in the Multiverse only accessible through magical energy, mystical transportation using a Sling Ring, or by tremendous subatomic shrinking caused by the Pym Particles. In the Quantum Realm, space and time are believed to be irrelevant. Lord Krishna used the Quantum realm to give Geeta teachings to Arjun during the Kurukshetra war when time and space almost stopped. If we consider Lord Krishna as a point of reference, we and our existence are even smaller than subatomic particles.

Marvel Superheroes have Vedic powers

There is no doubt that Marvel Universe characters superpowers are inspired by the powers and technologies mentioned in Hindu texts. Hulk uses Garima Siddhi, Thanos uses Isitva Siddhi, Doctor Strange uses Para-kāya praveśanam, etc.

It is important to understand that instead of getting fascinated by the western world and its technology, we must first understand the roots of our Sanatan Dharma which is the source of all religions and supreme technologies. Logical Hindu is a mission to do the same. Support us.

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