Location where Brahmastra exists - The Intergalactic Datacenter

Google has one of the biggest datacenters in the world. Datacenters are the engines of cloud computing. In 21st century cloud computing has become an important part of our lives. Daily approximately 500 crore people are doing cloud computing through internet by accessing information and sharing resources. We can say that the complete digital data of this universe is stored in these datacenters installed all over the world and connected through under water fiber optics. This data flows with the help of internet.


Is there any possibility that the complete infomration of the universe is stored at some place probably very far away from us where time and relativity has no meaning. The place where infomration about our past, present and future is already archived. Many physicists completely agree with the presence of so called galactic datacenters where our fate is already stored and preserved. The technology which we will discover in future is already mentioned in these datacenters. We are just following the footprints and predefined plan as mentioned in the archives of the galactic datacenters.

akashic records vedic texts

As per Hindu vedic texts, a man who can concentrate and put his mind and consciouness on a particular wavelength can access this information. We can say that every universe of the multiverse is directly connected to its galactic datacenter and these datacenters are interconnected through intergalactic computer network.


The scienthific name of these galactic datacenter are akashic records. Akashic records are placed at those portion of universes in where time has no meaning everything is infinity.

Proof of this can be derived from Dwapar yug, Satyug and Kalyug, where it is mentioned that our rishi munis used to attain siddhis by doing Tapovan for many years. These siddhis are nothing but transfer of knowledge from these akashic records.

akashic records vedic ved

As per ancient vedic texts, giving of boons by brahma or other god is nothing but transfer of technology stored in Akashic records. Even the great warriors of Ramayan and Mahabharat like Meghnath, Arjun, Karna etc got the boons by the same source.

Akashic record are not only present in multiverse but also in higher dimensions. Getting the boon of Brahmastra simply means that you are able to set your brains wavelength to that spectrum or network which is connected to Bramhlok. To get the boon of Narayan astra means that you need to access akashic records at Vaikunth lok and impress lord vishnu who is the system administrator of his aksahic records.


The role of god is very important here. God fills the akashic record with necessary information and technology, based on which the fate of living species in multiverse exists. It is just like running a compuergame running on high end compuetrs in which we just act like a player in it. This clearly indicates that our life is nothing but like a puppet running on predefined scripts mentioned in akashic records which are made acessible to some humen beings
time to time. In the 21st century and earlier, it is claimed that tesla, einstein, baba wanga, nostradamus etc got acces to akashic records.

Their inventions and predictions which are derived from these akashic records formed the pillars of existence of human species. In future some other person would be able to access these records and make inventions and predictions which will again change the phase of the existen of human species. This precoess will repeat again and again. Our fate is based on these records which are archived either by god or some high dimensional alien species working under god.

God is system administrator giving access to akashic records to very special human beings depending on their bhakti, tapovan and shraddha. but now the question is then who is the network engineer of the intergalactic computer networks which is connecting galactic datacenters or akashic records. Please comment.

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