When Law of Karma not even spared Lord Indra and Lord Surya Dev

Karna and Arjuna are two Main character of Mahabharata, but do we know why they were born. This article has the story of how Karna and Arjuna were born.


~ Scene 1 ~

Long before the MAHABHARTA had started, Lord Vishnu had taken Ram avatar. He was ordered a sentence of exile for 14 years due to jealousy in his step mother and his father's unkempt promise.

Everything went on smoothly for 13 years in Dandakavana ( present day Nashik) until lady sita was abducted by demon King Ravana and both the brothers set out to look for her.

~Scene 2~

Vinata was one of the 13 wives of Kashyapa and the mother of birds. She had Laid two eggs but they took of lot of time to hatch. Impatient, she broke one of the eggs out of which came Aruni, the god whose gender is undecided as his lower body is not developed, and is the Dawn-God. He becomes the charioteer of lord Surya - the sun god.

One day he enters Indra’s palace and takes the form of an apsara. Driven by the immense beauty, Indra falls in love with her and impregnates her giving birth to VALI .

On returning to Surya, he demands to see the female form of Aruni. Losing himself, he gives birth to SUGRIVA.

Both of them were left under the care of Gautama and Ahilya,who already had a daughter Anjana(who later gives birth to Hanuman)

The trio was cursed by their parents to turn into monkeys as they witnessed Ahilya losing her chastity to Indra in disguise and are given to Riksha, the childless monkey king of Kishkindha.

The brothers grow up and the kingdom is shared equally among them.

Everything goes smoothly again, until vali kills a rakshasa called Dundubhi, whose son Mayavi challenges him for a dual. Now Vali is really powerful, who had once got hold of all the twenty arms of Ravana with his tail and kept him as his pet. He has a boon to get half the strength of his opponent.

Soon the fight begins and Vali takes Mayavi inside a cave for killing him. After thirty days, the cave fell silent and a stream of blood was gushing out. Interpreting this as the death of his dear brother and wanting to kill the demon, Sugriva blocks the cave with a huge boulder.

But Vali was still alive and after coming out he looks at his brother sitting at his throne and marrying his wife.

Furious, Vali accuses him of treachery and throws him out of the kingdom.

~ Scene 3~

Rama and laxman meet sugriva through Hanuman and agree to help him get back to throne if he agrees to help them find lady Sita.

Since both the brothers look alike, Sugriva wears a garland of flowers and challenges Vali for a dual. The only way to slay Vali is through stealth, and hence Rama hides behind a tree and shoots an arrow at him, thus killing him.

After this incident, Indra asks lord Ram about his friendship with the son of surya, though Vali would've proved more helpful in defeating Ravana.

To this, he replies that in his next incarnation as Krishna he would support the son of Indra in his fight and help him in killing the son of Surya.

Thus Arjuna, the son of Indra kills Karna, the son of Surya, to restore the balance of support between INDRA NANDANA and SURYA NANDANA.

Traditional enemity between surya and indra is very common. The sun god is the provider of light and warmth while the flamboyant king of the sky, indra, created thunderbolts which caused clouds to release rain. The reason was simple : people on earth prayed to indra for wetness when the sun was at the brightest and to surya for dryness when indra was powerful.

This story is also example of Karma and how God have planned many things for out lives.

(Article contributed by Shri Ayush)
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