Law of Karma in Hinduism

To make universe stable, there is an equal amount of positive energy and negative energy. There are equal no. of Devtas and Daanavs in the multiverse. Above all these, God exists whose work is to maintain the balance.

But who are we, we are just a neutral substance stuck between positive and negative enegry. Human race is stuck between Devtas and Daanavs. Since we are neutral, God only acts as an observer for us. God holds no privilege for the human race.

Hence, simple law of Karma applies to us. If you do thousand good things and one sin, god has no privilege to waive off your that one sin. You will get the reward of 1000 good things and punishment of one sin seperately.

In other religions, God acts as a judge and can waive off the sins. This is not the case with Snatan Dharma (Hindu Religion). God only acts as an observer for us.This is law of Karma.

karma law

Ishwar Bhakti - To get Moksha

Everybody has to undergo sorrow and happiness as per his / her Karma. Then, the question arrises that if God has no role and influence over our Karma, then why should we worship God.

God's worship is important to get free from the mathematical equation of Karma. Ishwar's Bhakti is important to get free from the laws of Karma.

Getting free from laws of Karma is nothing but attaining "Moksha". Moksha is attaining the sixth dimension of multiverse which is known as "Brahma Jyoti". After gaining Moksha, a soul gets away from vicious cycle of birth and death.

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  1. Naren 12 November, 2017 at 13:25 Reply

    The Law of Kerma is the 3rd most powerful illusion.
    1st being that one is the body, 2nd being that one as a spiritual spark exists in the body.
    The self-installing, self-driven metaphysical network or the atributory gaming platform impels Jivatmas perceiving embodiment to act and commit sins (
    This layer or the 10th layer of Transcendental Gaming facilitate actions by bodies under a delusion.
    Centralized Infinite Selective Rasatmikata by The Supreme Enjoyer through infinite proxy false enjoyer’s bodies under gross delusion. Quantum Consciousness Juxtapositioned.
    The primary karma is conditioning the soul as described in the Scriptural Cloud.
    Configuring the spiritual for material compatibility in other words. Contaminating it with the 32-bit contamination matrix (detailed in The Gita) is the 2nd karma. Firmly placing it on sin impelling platforms is the 3rd karma. And finally giving it free will (which was not there until this point) to freely commit sins is the 4th karma.
    None of these karmas are performed by any Jivatma but by a collective beneficiary Group of the Transcendence.
    All further karmas by Jivatmas in “perceived embodiment” are resonated repercussions of these 4 primary/cardinal karmas/sins.
    All of us are karma less.
    Yes, knowing all this we still knowingly and willingly commit crime or flirt with the 32-bit contamination matrix, it is sin/karma

  2. L Garou 17 February, 2019 at 17:59 Reply

    “In other religions, God acts as a judge and can waive off the sins. This is not the case with Snatan Dharma”

    How does this styatement reconcile with Bhagavad Gita 18.66

    “Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.”

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