Law of Attraction - A Life Changing Law

Sometimes, you start waiting for some indication in your life to proceed further.

Haven’t you all face this?

Same story with Navya. Then, a day came into her life with a task of watching a video and present her thoughts officially for a Learner’s Diary of Training. Navya was never casual in any task. So she found out a time slot for the video as its duration was one and half hour. Watching a movie is easy now a days but watching a motivational video of such a duration is tiresome. So a focused and dedicated time slot was the first prerequisite for this task. She watched it once but couldn’t satisfy herself with the outcome of this video. She knew she is missing something which completes it. To find out the puzzle, she watched it again and starts joining the whole puzzle and starts writing her own thoughts on this video.

The video is about “The Secret” which was hidden by some very important persons and which can unlock many locks of the mystery. It would be very soon to reveal “The Secret”. So first, we will analyse it like an audience.

*Did you ever feel that what you fear the most is happening around you?

*Was it so easy to achieve something which you determined (mindlessly) to get irrespective of what it was or how difficult it was to achieve ?

*Have you felt some other power is helping you to conquer an illogical situation ?

Many more examples can be given in this context to observe the invisible force which is compelling all the things to happen! All these are happening just because of one thing that is “The Secret”. Time has come to open up this Secret. All above instances reflect only one thing – “The Law of Attraction”.

Definition of Law of Attraction

Everything that’s coming into your life is what you are attracting into your life. You are forcing things to happen in your life by creating your thoughts and images in your eyes. So THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

The Secret can be applied intelligently in your life to go into your favor by –

  1. Focusing on what you want.
  2. Visualizing that you have what you wanted.
  3. Focusing & Visualizing direct you to do what is required in order to achieve it.

But it can go into reverse gear if you manipulate it in your own way by focusing on what you DON’T WANT as it represents “your focus” on a thing irrespective of either you want it or don’t want it but that thing is going to happen. So it would be nice if you have positive orientation towards all the things as it draws positive people and positive events & circumstances where as negative orientation attracts negative people, events & circumstances. Complaining & Blaming are also a part of Negative orientation.

It just never meant only “Wishful Thinking”. Basically, The Secret tells us you can’t have it if your mind is not into it and most importantly, affirmative thought is more powerful than negative thought. It doesn’t come with any deadline so there can be delay in attracting what you want to reassess and carefully choose your option.

It all seems impractical to apply in our lives as it is impossible to monitor every thought whichever is coming into our mind.

Right ?

Role of Emotions

The Secret is not just a theory. It has practical solutions too to create our thoughts. One thing which we can focus is “Feelings/Emotions” as they reflect what we are thinking. They play as feedback mechanism in our system to analyse ourselves. Basically, a Combination of Thoughts & Feelings create your Life. If you are feeling good then it gives signal to Universe but if you are feeling bad then there are solution for that too in “The Secret” – Listen Music, Start Singing, Think of something beautiful, Think of a baby, Play with your pet.

It is a wisest way to become deliberate creator of your life.

*Have you ever try to listen what Universe is telling ?* We are so busy in our lives that we ignore that whisper which comes into our ears so softly.

For your comfort, Navya is conveying you that- Universe says “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!”

There are practical ways to tell the Universe about Your Wishes as per The Secret ->

  1. ASK: Write down on paper what you want in present tense.
  2. BELIEVE: Trust it is already yours with unwavering faith and believe the unseen.
  3. RECEIVE: Generate the feeling that you have it. Come from fantasy to fact.

There is no magic wand which can convert everything you believe into reality. But before starting the action, you have to live the fantasy. After living your trust, don’t delay your action as Universe likes Speed. Make a way to happen. TAKE THE FIRST STEP IN FAITH. There is a Harsh Truth behind The Secret – What you are today is the outcome of your past thoughts & action which prepared you for your moment. So Don’t Regret over it. For that to happen automatically, Make a Gratitude List. A list for which you are thankful to many people for many things around you. It also plays attraction role.

Explanation of Visualization Technique: By visualizing what you have, you are telling from your mind to your body about your wishes. Now, See the end Result and feel the state of already acquired. What the mind can conceive, it can achieve. Your mind starts to find out ways to achieve it.

It is proved that you can achieve everything by using this technique->

  1. MONEY

Energy flows where attention goes. Break yourself from your hereditary patterns, cultural nodes and social beliefs.


Many excuses can come while applying law of attraction – >

Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.

Foundation of the secret: inner happiness is the fuel of success which gives strength to do in that direction.

The more you use it, the more you understand it.

No one else can write your story.

*Only thing needs to be followed is feel good and be happy in your actions*


(Article contributed by Aparna)
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