Mystery of Karnapishachini Sadhna - Why it is Dangerous

Sadhana means spiritual path in order to attain a unique type of cosmic power. Some do Sadhana to view the glory of God, to experience the God and his creation but many Sadhaks do Sadhana to taste the cosmic powers available in the multiverse. Such Sadhaks like to do Apsara Sadhana to call Apsara to make life better and lustful. It is ok to do simple Sadhana's like Baglamukhi Sadhana, Tara Sadhana, etc but there are more complex and dangerous Sadhanas like Karnapishachini Sadhana, Maran Mantra Sadhana, Pret Sadhana, Bhoot Sadhana, etc. Such Sadhanas are Tamsik Kriyas and not recommended for a common man.

In this post, I will tell you why you shouldn't even think of doing Karnapsihachini Sadhana in your life.

Karnapishachini Sadhna is a Tamsik Kriya

You know why you do Yajnas or Poojas at your home. Such rituals not only bring peace and prosperity in your home and family but increases the level of your "Koti" / "Yoni". You took birth as a human because the level of your Koti increased from the lower level of species to higher after doing good Karma. For example you might be a small snake in your previous birth and while remaining in the yoni of snake you encountered a small child playing around you and instead of biting him you either left the place and this adds to your good Karma and surely give point in increasing the level of your "Koti" which further lead you to take birth in the form of human.

Our Karma is to increase the level of our "Koti" / "Yoni". The topmost level of "Koti" is Salvation i.e. freedom from the vicious cycle of birth and death.

Karnapishachini Sadhna will take you to "Neech Koti"

It is clearly mentioned in ancient Aghori texts that if a normal man does Tamsik Kriyas like Karnapisachini Sadhana. His level of "Koti" falls at the bottom and his chances of salvation almost get finished. A common man doing this Sadhana will lead to his next birth in Patal Loka, Detya Loka, Kinnar Loka, etc.

Karnapishachini will make you Slave

Out of 100%, even if 1 % luck favors you and you do this Sadhana and acquire the Karnapishacnini under your control. Do you know what will happen after your death!

Karnapishachini will control your soul and will take service from you. If you take 20 years service from her to know anybody's past, she will take service from your soul for at least 2000 years. It may sound funny to you but you can ask your grandparents. If you take service from any Tamsik spiritual powers like a Ghost, Chudail, Daayan, Aatma, Pishach, etc. , you have to serve them after your death. This is the rule.

Will your Guru help in Karnapishachini Sadhana

If you have a true spiritual Guru, he will never recommend you to do this Sadhana. So, don't expect this from your Guru at least. If you still decided to go for it. Search for Aghoris, Haridwar is a good place. Search for Samshan Ghats after 1 a.m. at night. You will surely find one of them. Aghoris are trademarks for such Sadhana, you will find them only in Shamshan Ghat, not on online portals. Online babas will make you bankrupt.

Your family will be destroyed

After attaining Sadhana, Karnapishachini will remain attached with you even in the bathroom. Hence, it is impossible to sleep with your wife in the bedroom while Pishachini is attached to you. Karnapishachini will first haunt your wife in her dreams and then in reality. Even your children life will come into danger, Karnapishachini never bears anyone who will come between you and her. This situation is very dangerous.

Pishachinis haunt your Descendants

It is truly said that once the Pishachs or Pishachinis gets attached with you, they haunt your descendants too. Invoking such powers is a kind of blot on your ancestors and your descendants. You fore fathers' karma will protect you but it will be within certain limits as Pishachinis are 1000 times powerful than Chudails and Daayans.

My motive of writing this post is not to scare you but to aware you. If you still want to do it then you should not marry or if you are married, wait till your family becomes independent that at least they don't have to beg after you leave them. Then study Aghori Shastra, do Aghori rituals, destroy your inner bad thoughts, lust, and the Kama. Adopt the life of an Aghori for at least 5 years then you can try for this Sadhana.

Tell your experience and comments regarding this Sadhana.

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