How Inception Theory is applicable in Hinduism

Why and how are we even here ?

This is the one question that has pondered everyone for which we may never get any answer. Turns out we might actually be living in Maya or illusion or to put in simpler words in the Dream of a God. Yes, you read that right, Dream of a God. According to our Vedas it is believed that our Universe comes into being when Lord Vishnu falls asleep and Brahma emerges from his navel and begins the work of creation. Then, you can say that the Avatars of Vishnu were his attempts (successful) to perform Inception on the minds of People.

Now if you have seen the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan, you might be familiar with some of the terms I use in this article. Lord Vishnu can be compared to Cobb or any other Dreamer and Ariadne can be compared to Brahma who creates the world of Dream and Mal can be compared to our inner thoughts or our suicidal thoughts. The dreamer fills the dream world with his subconscious, or we are the projections of his subconscious.We live as long as the Dreamer is dreaming.

In the movie when Ariadne gets her first lesson on shared dreaming, Cobb( Leonardo Dicaprio ) says that our mind functions more quickly thereby time feels slow. In Hindu mythology it is said that once during the war between Devas and Asuras, Lord Indra took the help of a human King named Muchukunda. The war is believed to have lasted for one year in heaven. When Muchukunda told Indra that he wanted to return to Earth, Indra tells him that 1 year on heaven is equal to 360 years on Earth. In the movie it is told that as one goes deeper and deeper time is stretched. Another instance is of a King named Kakudmi and his daughter Revati who travel to heaven to meet Brahma. Brahma tells them that time runs different on different planes of existence and that during the short time they had waited to meet him many years have been passed on Earth.It is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in the 6th dimension and that he uses the 5th dimension to view the timeline of the multiverses, this might sound similar to the Tesseract portrayed in the movie Interstellar again by Christopher Nolan.

In the book, The Chronicles of Narnia : Magician's nephew, when Aslan creates the world of Narnia, it is initially described as a black world, a world where there is just complete darkness symbolising Limbo.

In the movie and the book, The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe we see that all the adventures and all the years the Pevensie cousins spent in the World of Narnia is equivalent just to a few seconds in the real world symbolising that Narnia could be a higher level dream world.

In the movie Inception it is said that " When we die in a dream we wake up", similar thing might happen to us living in the Dream of God. We may be asleep somewhere, and when we die here we wake up there. There is also a mention of Limbo in the film, which is just raw infinite subconscious.

We might as well be living in a Spiritual Limbo. " Dreams they feel real when we're in them, its only when we wake up we realize something was actually strange "( Lines from Inception). Same thing might be happening to us, this Illusion has become our Reality, and it is hard for us to believe the other way.

There is just one conclusion that we can draw, there is no real way we can know our cause for existence. There are just theories for which there is no practical way of determining whether they are true.


(Article contributed by Shri Aditya Krishnan)


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