How imagination builds energy of soul

When first Creature(s) was/were made, they acquired one or more characters. Character of Imagination is present in all the Creatures. Creatures make their life themselves through Imagination.

Imagination overrides one’s Fate. Imagination can substitute the Fate only to some extent. While Creature’s next little life depends on the Imagination of Creature’s present life.

‘“Imagination” is the inner expectation of Creature that can’t be expressed immediately at the time of expectation.’ Creature’s Imagination depends on the stimulus that the Creature faces. Stimulus is made out of Fate and Imagination.

“Stimulus means any scene that the Creature sees; any smell that is smelt; any sound that is listened; any activity that is done, even thinking.” “Soul is a Prime ‘Energy’ with ‘Imaginational Energy’. Character formed through Specific Imagination is the Identity of Soul for some periods.

Soul has to consume its energy for Imagination. If Soul does not imagine, it’s ‘Prime Energy’ Increases and then once it gets its ‘Prime Form’. Soul can increase its Energy through stopping at only one scene/situation/imagination or by stopping its imagination, keeping always the same condition.

The more ‘Energy’ the Soul acquires and has Imagination, the ‘Bigger Creature’ it becomes.

Formation of one’s Fate mainly depends on these two:

  1. Imagination made by a Soul in its present life that contradict with its Fate and not achieved in present life is transferred in next life and makes the fate of next life.
  2. Effect of Creature(s).

The more one have Soul Energy, the more the Imagination actualizes.

A Creature’s life is influenced by its nearest bigger creature(s). Because the Bigger Creature has more Soul Energy (Prime Energy) than the small creature(s) have/has. If one Creature expects to influence the other Creature, it is not materialized if the later Creature does not expect to be influenced by the first one.

One Creature can influence the other, if first have more Soul (Prime) Energy than later. In these cases later Creature has no control over first’s expectation. First can’t react as the later wants (expects), but the later reacts as the first expects.

How much one can influence the other depends on one’s Soul Energy. The more soul energy one has, the more one can influence the later Soul Energy Creature.

More than one Creature can influence the Bigger Creature if ‘Target Influence’ is same. Because smaller creature’s Soul Energy together becomes more than the Soul Energy of Bigger Creature. Bigger activities of Creature’s small life are the influence of Bigger Creature(s), which is/are nearest to the Creature. Creature can neutralize these if it utilizes more Soul Energy than the Influencer’s Utilized Energy.

            “One Creature can not impact the other without acceptance by other.”

            “There are different little lives in a Great Life.”

            “Great Life is the duration from Prime Creation to Great Destruction.”

“The aim of each Soul is to increase its Soul Energy (Prime Energy) and reduce/end imagination.” ‘When a Soul gets a definite Energy and ends Imagination, it gets its Prime Form, this is called the Great Destruction’.

            “The Independent Soul (without being creature) gets ‘Reaction Fruit’ immediately after the ‘Reaction’”.

            “‘Reaction’ means imagination of a new situation.”

            “’Reaction Fruit’ means the stimulus formed through reaction.”


  • Fundamental Molecules= Prime Energy with Imaginational Energy= Soul.
  • Unlimited Energy Form= ‘Unlimited Characters’
  • Character of Imagination= Imaginational Energy= Imagination Quality.
  • Character(s) acquired on birth/formation= Characters with which a Soul becomes new Creature.
  • Life= The time duration after Prime Creation to before Great Destruction is the Great Life. There exists unlimited Small Lives within the Great Life.
  • Fate= The life activity(ies) of Creature(s) made on birth/formation by acquired Character.
  • Stimulus= Reaction Fruit= Any scene that the Creature see; any smell that is smelt; any sound that is listened; any activity that is done, even thinking.”
(Article contributed by Shri Suman Kumar Jha)


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