Human race stuck between Gods and Demons

In whatever history we go, Bible or Mahabharata or Ramayana, humans always have to choose a side.

Human race between God and Evil

Gods and Demons both were celestial but why they were always in fight and what they were trying to find, I think they wanted control over the human race or on earth for unknown reason. As per our ancient text both used to come from different lokas (planet) and they choose planet earth to fight and then we had to choose one side and we chosen a race to whom today we worship as GODS but what if we chose Demons, might they would’ve known as Gods today. But the question is was there any specific reason to choose Gods over Demons or we just chosen them. God must have promised something to us.

There are several archeological findings of superhuman powers and advanced technological instruments and weapons used in ancient history both were used and controlled by Gods and Demons, my theory could be hurting for so many.

The Satan Conspiracy

One more major question is why God is God, there is a theory in west known as The Satan Conspiracy which says God destroyed the good image of Satan among humans though he was God’s favorite minister and Satan wanted humans to learn more and he spread the knowledge among humans with his other fellas and God punished Satan and abandoned him with others known as fallen angels later these angles taught humans so many things in science and technology.

So our existence our growth is still a big question mark and I think someone has to visit us again may be God or Demon to tell our purpose.

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