How Parallel Universes Exists - Deja Vu

Many people believe that parallel universes exists but do they actually exists. Does Science has any proofs ?

At present, there are no experimental proofs but there are some facts that indicates the existence of parallel universes.

We know that balance is important for this universe or multiverse to exist. There should be an equal amount of positive and negative energies. There should be an equal amount of Good and Evil. There can't be any partiality. Similarly, for any event to occur, the multiverse must cover all the possible outcomes.

For example - if we throw a dice in the universe in which we are living and we got six then same dice must be thrown in the parallel universes to cover all the possible outcomes. Hence, on throwing a dice, we will get one in 1 universe, two in other universe, three in another universe and so on. Hence, six parallel universe will cover the possible outcomes of throwing a dice.


This sounds interesting but it is true. Parallel universes covers all the possible outcome of an event.

Suppose, Hitler may have won the 2nd world war in other parallel universe or America and Russia may be very good friends in other parallel universe.

Concept of Deja Vu

Another fact is "Deja Vu". Sometimes, we get a sensation that event which is occurring has already happened before. This is because that same event may have occurred with us in other parallel universe. Our existence is not restricted to a single universe, we have multiple copies coexisting in several parallel universes.


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  1. Naren 5 October, 2017 at 09:34 Reply

    Close but pretty far away.
    What I say may sound like an oxymoron but true.
    The actual word is “shadow universes”
    The material gaming platform consists of infinite macrocosms, each being an expanding bubble appearing and disappearing on the causal waters.
    The compartmentalized quantum consciousness which is static at what is depicted as the Tatastha or marginal potency in the Sanatana Dharma Scriptural cloud is a plain layer of uniform consciousness individualized into infinity, extracted of its consciousness and virtualized in a juxtapositioned state across infinite material bodies manufactured in wombs & seeds.
    All mundane networks, be it data, the GSM or even cognitive are miniatures of the metaphysical network which in turn is a skewed refractive index of the Transcendental cognitive networks.
    While the Transcendental cognitive networks are permanent, non-intimidating, holistic and non-derogatory to an individualized spirit, scriptures reveal that the shadow gaming though also infinite is temporal, distorted, perverted and derogatory to the fundamental rights of the individualized soul’s fundamental rights of Sat Chit Ananda.
    The scriptures also reveal that the metaphysical network is driven in the secrecy of the Spiritual denizens.
    Also that their very existence is interference in the Sat Chit Ananda of the Middle, Senior and Seniormost Stakeholders of the Transcendence (The Impact is detailed across the scriptures. Srimad Bhagavatam 5.25.6 & 11.5.34 of
    Quite understandable.

    Hare Krishna
    Radhe Radhe

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