Hitler's interest in India's Ancient Vimana Shastra

Flying Vimanas were cited at 41 places in Mahabharata. The asura king Salva had an aerial vehicle called Saubha Vimana with which he attacked Dwaraka capital of Lord Krishna. He began to shower missiles and landed in the high seas. From one krosa (1500 meters) above the ground, Salva gave a fierce fight with Krishna who threw a powerful chakra which hit the vimana in the middle and broke it into pieces.

vimana hitler connection

The damaged vimana fall in the sea. According to Drona parva, Vimanas are described as sphere shaped and move at great speed generated by mercury propulsion. The Vimanas moved like an UFO going up, down, backwards and forwards. Varna parva, section XLIII describes the aerial journey of Arjuna to Amravati, city of Indra.

Arjuna observed Vimanas stationed properly, frequent landing and takeoff. Thousands of celestial Vimanas capable of going everywhere at will and stationed in proper place.


Hitler and the Nazi were interested in ancient India and Tibet and sent expeditions to both these places in order to gather esoteric evidence. It was from these people that the Nazis gained some of their scientific information.

According to Drona parva, a vimana shaped like a sphere and fly along at great speed on a mighty wind generated by mercury propulsion. It is possible that mercury did have something to do with propulsion or more possibly with guidance system. Soviet scientists have discovered age old instruments used in navigating cosmic vehicles. The devices are hemispherical objects of glass or porcelain ending in a cone with a drop of mercury inside.


The world came to know the existence of the manuscript on Vimanas by Maharishi Bharadwaja through the report of Shri K.P.N.Sastry, the Mysore representative of Press Trust of India in 1952. The Vaimanika Shastra, Science of Aeronautics is an early 20th century Sanskrit Text on Aeronautics obtained by mental channeling, about the construction of Vimanas, the chariots of the Gods. It contains 3000 shlokas in 8 chapters.

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