Vimana - Great Vimana of Lord Shiva - The Saubha Vimana

Ancient Vimana Shastra

You might have heard about vimana shastra which explains the whole terminology of Vimanas used in Ancient Vedic period. This Shastra explains many types of Vimanas and their propulsion technology. But in this post i will explain you a one of the greatest Vimana ever build. This Vimana doesn't have any specific details in Vimana Shastra. Its working and weapon delivery system is very unique and confidential.

Logical Hindu has anlaysed the rare Vedic texts to uncover the technology behind this Vimana and you will be shocked to know it.

Story of Saubha Vimana

You might have heard the story of Savitri and Satyavan in which Savitri saved the life of Satyavan from the hands of Yama. Satyavaan belonged to Salwa Kingdom. One of the Salwa king attacked Dwarka with the help of Saubha Vimana. This Salwa King was a great friend of Shishupal. Before the war, Salwa King did a Ghor Tapasya of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva finally got impressed. Salwa asked for a Vimana that could not be destroyed by Devas, Asuras, humans, Gandharvas, Uragas nor Rakshasas, that could travel anywhere he wished to go.

Lord Shiva ordered Maya Daanav to construct a supreme iron flying machine which is known as the "Saubha Vimana". After getting the Vimana, Salwa king attacked Dwarka. Salwa King had a great war with Lord Krishna but Lord finally paralysed the Vimana with his missiles and it fell into the ocean. On the other hand, Salwa King ejected from the Vimana and saved his life. Finally, Lord Krishna used his Sudarshan Chakra to kill him.

Following verse of Bhagwat explains the same :

tat kṛṣṇa-hasteritayā vicūrṇitaṁ
papāta toye gadayā sahasradhā
visṛjya tad bhū-talam āsthito gadām
udyamya śālvo ’cyutam abhyagād drutam – 10.77.34 – Bhagavatam

salwa king saubha vimana

Advance Stealth Technology

As per Bhagavatam, when the Saubha Vimana used to fly in the sky, the whole sky becomes dark. Here, darkness indicates one thing also which is "Stealth". This vimana may be working as a perfect black body i.e. the perfect absorber and emitter of radiation, an important condition for an ideal stealth aircraft. It is also mentioned that this vimana used to change its position within in a fraction of a microsecond giving an illusion that it is flying at different locations at the same time. This illusion even confused lord Krishna during the battle.

Bhagavatam states that Salwa King launched advanced missiles from the vimana. These missiles looked like a galactic meteor from outside. Besides this, this vimana launched different weapons including biological projectiles. This vimana almost destroyed the beauty of Dwarka City.

The resemblance with B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

Mention of long delta wings of Saubha Vimana in Vedic Texts reminds us about a gem of USAF. Yes, the United States Air Force's B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber. This bomber resembles the properties of Saubha Vimana in the areas of Stealth, Delta Wings, Projectile delivery of traditional bombs, etc. Although B-2 spirit flies at a low speed comparatively.

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