Facilitating the Bharta Bhokta (Bhagavad Gita 13.23)

What we are subject to now and unknowingly experiencing has been declared as “Bharta Bhokta” in the Gita 13.23 by the enjoyer of these progressions. The lowest level of the nine manifestive planes of Adi Rasa indulgences each driven to the lateral and downward progression of superlatives levels (source Jaiva Dharma) is the perverted gaming platform or the collective perverted reflection of the preceding eight levels. The nine levels of The Transcendental Gamers being the Un-manifest, Ecstasy, Technocrat, Quad Play Ecstasy, Opulent, Quad Play Opulent, Male, Infinity and the Attributory.

This attributory level is unique with respect to any of the preceding levels and the facilitation of this perverted gaming platform involves the following:

    1. Progressive, downward, contrived and externalization of the Enjoyed or Ashraya or Sakti Tatva, the Perfect Internal or Chit Potency or Yoga Maya to a distorted perverted deluding potency or Maha Maya. This is done across the succeeding seven levels while retaining the identities of each preceding level for its respective Leela or gaming.

    1. Progressive and successive downward expansive string of The Enjoyer or Bhokta or Visaya or Vishnu Tatva with qualitative and quantitative potency transmission loss across the succeeding eight levels while retaining the identities of each preceding level as the Enjoyer of the respective level of Leela or gaming.
    2. An unlimited/infinite supply of vulnerable, unquestioning, unassuming, innocent, ignorant, pure and “adoptable” wise consciousness for integration into an unsolicited proxy centric matrimonial relationship (Bharta Bhokta) under delusion for the benefit of the Enjoyer of delusion (other’s) analogical with a wide scale harem in a flux achieved by embodying deluded consciousness at will across infinite species repeatedly. This is accomplished by the emanation of “Static” Quantum Consciousness compartmentalized and distinctly different from the QC required in the preceding seven levels and individualizing it by application of virus for its agitation. This compartmentalization is done to ensure inaccessibility to the Perfect Chit Potency that offers comprehensive perfect auto spiritual inclusion to one and all exposed to It. The denied aspects (Sat Chit Ananda or Eternal Cognitive Bliss) are then presented to the deprived individual consciousness as the objects of achievement while the Laws of Distraction powerfully hamper all attempts till major limits.
    3. An infinite supply of extremely complex and temporal infrastructure which are self-installing and self-driven gaming platforms sustained on Quantum Physics (infinite stars & planets in each macrocosm, spread over infinite macrocosms), microwave transmission and magnetism as the core technologies.
    4. Application of Quantum Technologies to the superposition or juxtaposition QC upon QP across the infinite infrastructural locations simultaneously at the same instance while not disturbing the static property of the individualized vulnerable consciousness (this serves as a perceived consolation of the approving authority of this level that actually no soul is actually harmed). It is achieved by the infinite strewn of extracted consciousness to its host gateway of the flux like Metaphysical Network superimposed on QP as the recipient of the extracted strewn QC.

  1. Skewing the self-designed, self-adopted transcendental positive addiction based gaming protocols to perversion founded gaming platform by refracting the favorable perfect Chit potencies through the powerful virus like operating systems of the distorted potency.
  2. Retention of deluded consciousness in ignorance under the perceived ownership of the so-called Laws of Karma for sustained Bharta Bhog through a given Jivatma for time without beginning or without end, while right from the cardinal spiritual to the resonated mundane karmas are all functions beyond even the comprehension or visualization of the infinitesimal helpless Jivatma let alone perform them. Notwithstanding the powerless discrimination capabilities bestowed for constant assaults by the Laws of Distraction.
  3. The primary KRA of this facilitation is enablement of remote, centralized, selective Rasatmikata through infinite bodies of the infinite proxy deluded false enjoyers on wireless protocols to the Bharta Bhokta.

Broadly this facilitation has been summarized in our scriptural cloud as an accomplishment through mass dis easing strategically through mammoth effort which is also sort of subtly “forced” onto The Facilitator or The Transcendental Technocrat contrary to His comfort and the stakeholders of the preceding seven levels.

(Article contributed by Shri Naren)

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