Energy - Building block of Universe

The fundamental component of this nature is ‘Energy’ and everything is made-up of this, even a small particle, say Neutron, Proton or Electron or even smallest part of them. Energy is everywhere and is spread all over the Universe. The Energy is in every form, say in the form of our mental/moral thought, values and character. Even our thinking consumes energy.

The ‘Energy is in this universe at all the times, everywhere and in every form. Nothing is except the energy is/was/will be in this universe. I mean everything is made-up of this, even vacuum.

 For running this Nature ‘Energy’ has three basic and only character, these are:

  1. Creation,
  2. Maintenance and
  3. Destruction

The nature is “Auto run (runs itself)” There is no vacuum/space in this universe. The whole universe is filled up with energy. The ‘Character of Creation’ is to combine with other energy/element and form a new element or ‘being’. Here being refers to all living/non-living things except energy itself.

The Primary/Prime form of this Nature is the ‘Energy’. The ‘Character of Maintenance’ is to sustain the Creature(s) up to when it {creature(s)} can be sustained.

 The ‘Character of destruction is to separation from other energy/element or ‘being’ and conversion into the ‘Prime Form’. First of all the energy have created the ‘Fundamental Molecules’ of the same nature (character) and remaining ‘Energy’ converted into the ‘Unlimited Energy Form’ by itself. Now, ‘Fundamental Molecules’ combining with itself and with other ‘Energy Form(s)’ makes the ‘Creature(s)’. Each Creature acquires some or more forms of Energy, which can be called ‘Creature’s Character(s)’.

Within Bigger Creature(s) there exists more than one Small Creatures. Each small Creature does its work independently assigned to it by its birth (formation) and makes the independent work of bigger Creature(s).

One creature may have different creatures in itself. Normally the life activities of each creature depend on the character it acquires at its birth (formation). In some case the life activity(ies) of Creature(s) also depends on the character it acquires in it’s life activity.

The aim of Creature’s life is to develop and/or use the character in a best way so as to reach at Great Destruction fast. This requires breaking (stopping) of some character(s) acquired on birth.

The ‘Great Destruction’ means converting into the ‘Prime Form’ of ‘Energy’.



(Article contributed by Shri Suman Kumar Jha)
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