Difference between Chudail and Daayan - Shocking Detailed Analysis

In India especially in Hinduism, many types of ghosts and superpowers are famous. Some of them are Pishach, Pishachini, Brahmapishach, Chudail, Daayan, Yakshini. The two demonic powers which are very common whether in Bollywood movies or in real life are Chudail and Daayan. Even when Logical Hindu made a first youtube video on the internet highlighting the difference these two demonic powers. Many websites and youtube channel including "speaking tree" copied our content and put on to their websites and youtube channels.

At that time we didn't do deep research on this topic. But today after great research of six months we are highlighting some most important difference between Chudail and Daayan. I hope you will like this post. So, let's start.

Daayan is originated from Puranas, Chudail has no origin

Daayan word has been derived from the Sanskrit word Dakini. The Dakini has been mentioned in medieval Hindu texts of South Asia such as in the Bhagavata Purana, Brahma Purana, Markandeya Purana and Kathasaritsagara as a female fiendish spirit in the train of Kali who feeds on human flesh.

On the other hand, Chudail is not originated from any kind of Purana or any Vedic text. Chudail has a very rare mention in ancient Hindu texts. The character of Daayan is very old even before Kaliyug but Chudail has been introduced a few centuries ago only.

How anybody becomes Chudail or Daayan

The woman who dies during childbirth or pregnancy or due to suffering at the hands of her in-laws becomes Chudail and come back to seek revenge, particularly targeting the males in her family.

On the other Daayans are living on earth from thousand years. There is no mention that how Daayans are crested. Some people think that if a woman is molested and assaulted, she become Daayan which is incorrect. No woman becomes Daayan. Daayans are special living beings just like Kinnar, Gandharv, etc.

Physical Appearance

The true form of a Chudail is described as extremely ugly with a black tongue, and thick rough lips although sometimes she is reported to have no mouth at all. She may have a pot belly, claw-like hands, and scruffy, long hair. They are also described to have pig faces with large fangs or human-like faces with sharp tusks and long, wild hair. She is sometimes described as having a white front and a black back but she invariably has her feet turned backward and sometimes, she roams naked.

Daayan generally wears saree. As per many texts, Daayan feet don't touch the floor. She levitates most of the time. She wears saree to hide her levitation. They are not so ugly, their dark appearance makes them more seductive. The primary source of a Daayan's power is her long plaited hair or ("choti"), she is described as having long and monstrous black nails.

Daayan is more powerful

Daayan is at least 100 times more powerful than a Chudail. Daayan has control over many types of spirits. They also capture the spirits of humans killed by her. Daayans have good knowledge of Tamsik Kriyas and Tone Totkas. A Daayan can capture 100 Chuadails single-handedly.

On the other hand, Chudails are good at shapeshifting. They can covert themselves to a beautiful woman in order to lure her prey. Chudails have very less knowledge of Tantra Sadhnas hence they got captured easily by Aghoris and Tantriks.

Where Daayans and Chudail lives

Daayan prefer to live in village and forest areas. They want peace to perform their Tamsik Kriyas to gain more power and capture more spirits. On the other hand, Chudail can exist anywhere. It can be found from a small village of Uttarakhand to a cybercity Gurugram. Even Gurugram has so many incidents of Chudail's encounter like MG Road incident, Ashok Vihar flyover incident, etc.

The main motive of Chudail is to take revenge, no one can stop her. Her ability to shape shifting protects from suspicious eyes of people living in the city. Chudails are clever, they will trap you into their talks in no time.

Daayans worship Kaali, Chudail doesn't worship

Daayan worships the goddesses Kali and Durga because they view themselves as their disciples, therefore they’re also called yoginis (sacred feminine force). This is the reason that it is not easy for a Tantrik to overpower the Daayan. Only highly "Siddh Aghoris" have the ability to capture the Daayan.

Chudail doesn't worship anybody. Some Chudails worship the Yakshinis. Hence, it is easy for a Tantrik to capture Chaudail by Tantra Siddhis. If a Chudail in her real form suddenly gets exposed to Sunlight, she can be easily captured. Daayans have no effect of Sunlight, Gayatri Mantra and sometimes not even Hanuman Chalisa. Daayan is a kind of black cosmic power serving the god itself.

Daayan hunts the complete Clan and descendants

Once a Daayan notices your family, she will hunt even your grandchildren as well. Daayan shadow on a family becomes a curse and she may hunt even after 100 years. Daayan hunts by killing the children and young members of the family. Daayan puts suicidal thoughts int the mind of members of the family.

On the other hand, Chudails are restricted to a particular person or a group of people to complete her revenge. Once revenge gets over they get free and liberated to Yamlok.

Introduction of Daayans and Chudails in Bollywood

The perfect movie which highlighted the role of Chudail is "Veerana". The Chudail Nakhita takes her revenge from Thakur Mahendra Pratap and his family. Although the Hero saves Jasmine and finally ends the Chudail by putting her coffin towards Lord Shiva.

difference between chudail and dayan

Credits: Ramsay Brothers

Perfect movie highlighting Daayan is "Ek Thi Daayan". Emran Hashmi being Psiahach was able to defeat the Daayan by cutting her "Choti" but he still wasn't able to kill her. She vaporizes herself in the end.

This is the power of Daayan, even Pishach cannot kill her.

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