When King of Kashmir captured a Dayan : conversation between a Dayan and the King

Kishtwar District is a district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir of India. It is the third least populous district of Jammu and Kashmir (out of 22), after Kargil and Leh. It is situated on the banks of the Chenab River. Kishtwar district consists of 9 blocks: Marwah Warwan, Dachan, Kishtwar, Nagsani, Drabshalla, Inderwal, Chatroo, and Paddar. Each block consists of a number of panchayats.

Dayan of Kishtwar

In Kishtwar block, a Dayan is very famous. This Dayan targets handsome boys with the age group of 20-26 years. It is believed that the Dayan consumes every party of the body just by sucking the blood first, then flesh. If the good Karma of the victim is strong, Dayan attacks in an indirect way. The victim takes the form of a bird generally a Kite (चील). It is believed that such victims die either by cancer or tuberculosis.

The latest victim was a state government employee, he was transferred to Kishtwar, where apparently he became the victim of this Dayan. He started to waste away and soon became a mere skeleton. His family brought him back to Srinagar where the doctors were unable to diagnose his ailment. It is heard that a kite used to come every day and sit on the windowsill of his room. Dayan followed him in the form of a kite to complete the job.

First King to capture a Dayan

It is believed that Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jammu and Kashmir was able to capture this Dayan in 1914. It was the first time when a king caught this Dayan. He brought the Dayan from Kishtwar to his Durbar (दरबार ). It was the first ever interaction between a King and a Dayan among thousand (Durbaris). Some part of the interaction as follows :

King: Who are you?

Dayan: I am Bhakt of Kali, a worshipper of black magic.

King: What are you doing in Kishtwar and what is your purpose?

(Dayan became angry and replied)

Dayan: I am here before the creation of your Kishtwar, even before your forefathers were born. How dare you to ask this question.

King: Does this give rights to you to kill innocents.

Dayan: Someone has to sacrifice for peace. I am blocking the black clouds of pain and misery over Kishtwar and sacrifice is a must.

(Now, the king became angry)

King: What if I cut your head with a sword?

(Dayan laughed.......)

Dayan: Even Devtas needs to take permission from God and other cosmic powers to kill a Dayan.

(Dayan levitates an apple from a fruit plate near the King's seat and consumes the apple from within, leaving the peel intact. When the soldiers move towards her, she converts herself in the form of a Kite and flew away.)

Everybody was stunned but not Pratap Singh. Actually, King knew that she can neither be captured nor defeated but he can only pray that such dark shadows stay away from the kingdom.

It is believed that it is the curse of that Dayan which did n't make the Kashmir an independent state till now and the matter of Jammu and Kashmir will remain as forever and will never be stable.



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