Our soul made of Dark Matter - Does Yamlok exists in Shadow Universe

Dark matter is one of the mysterious matter present in the universe. Although it accounts for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe and about a quarter of its total energy density but we almost know nothing about this strange matter.

We cannot see dark matter, we cannot feel it, it can pass through our body like x rays and we can't even feel a slight distortion. Dark matter doesn't even interact with observable electromagnetic radiation, such as light, and is thus invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum, making it extremely difficult to detect using usual astronomical equipment. Possible reason of our inability to see or detect dark matter is that it is made up of such a subatomic particle which is still not yet discovered by scientist.

Dark matter has not yet been observed directly as it barely interact with ordinary baryonic matter and radiation, except through gravity.

Is our Soul made of Dark Matter

The behavior and appearance of soul as mentioned in ancient Hindu texts is similar to behavior of a Dark Matter. Soul doesn't interact with the matter just like dark matter. It has a very weak force of interaction similar to dark matter. Dark matter only interacts with dark matter just like a soul can interact only with another soul. Soul easily passes through matter, it even passes through our body and we cannot even feel it. Similar is the case with dark matter dark matter can pass through our body without any affect.

There is a great possibility that our soul is made up of dark matter. After death, our soul gets condensed into a sub atomic form which is made up of a denser dark matter. Now this subatomic form is nothing but "Angoosth Matr" (अंगुष्ठ मात्र) body which is caught by Yamdoot for further journey to Yamlok.

Mystery of Dark Universe

Now imagine a universe which is completely made of dark matter. Everything like stars, planets, galaxies even living species are made up of dark matter. This universe is knows as shadow universe. Scientists completely agree with the existence of shadow universe. Shadow universe is important for the cosmic balance of the universe. If you don't believe in Shadow universe, you are accepting the existence of asymmetrical universe which has a rare possibility. Symmetry is mandatory in cosmology.

After the big bang, matter particles and its mirrored matter particles were created. It is said that mirrored matter now forms the shadow universe. It is a great possibility, that your mirror copy exists in Shadow universe. Shadow universe is having its own galaxies, stars, planets, living species etc.

Is Shadow universe our destination after Death

There is a great possibility that after death we travel to the shadow universe made up of dark matter. This is highly possible that Yamolk actually exists in shadow universe. After death, our soul made of dark matter further condense to subatomic form which is taken by Yamdoot for a journey of 365 days to travel to the Shadow universe. Now after facing all the punishment. A field similar to Higgs field comes into play and our subatomic form of soul gains some mass and gets ready for the next journey to a new body.

Crack between space holding our Universe and Shadow Universe

Scientists have claimed that there is a crack in the space holding our universe and parallel universe. This crack is known as cosmic microwave background. This crack was immediately created after a big bang. Some believe that there is a bigger entity who is controlling both universe and its shadow universe through the crack. May be that entity is nothing but God or may be that crack is  further connecting parallel universe and their parallel shadow univserse.

We know that all parallel Universe are governed by Cosmic Maha Vishnu but who is governing all parallel shadow universe, may be LORD SHIVA, the god of Darkness and Dark energy.


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