Why Chudails have backward Feet - Mystery revealed

Chudail is a female ghost or demon popular in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In Pakistan, she is known as Pichal Peri. She is also known as "the ghost of an unpurified mother". As per ancient belief, a woman who dies during childbirth or pregnancy or due to suffering at the hands of her in-laws comes back as a Chudail to seek revenge, particularly targeting the males in her family. Therefore such woman is not burnt they are buried with their face towards the ground i.e. buried downwards. As per the belief, such activity makes Chudail unable to find the family to take her revenge. The woman who died must be remembered in family ritual and auspicious family events. She must be given proper respect.

Chudail is described as extremely ugly with saggy breasts, a black tongue, and thick rough lips. She may have a pot belly, claw-like hands, and scruffy like hair. They are also described to have pig faces with large fangs or human-like faces with sharp tusks and long wild hair. It has also been reported that some Chudails don't even have a mouth.

You might have heard that Chudails have backward feet but do you know the reason behind it. In this post I will highlight the reason behind this mystery :

Backward Feet confuses the Attacker

Chudail's face is generally covered with long hairs. If anyone tries to attack the Chudail from backward he will end up facing the front face of the Chudail. Although Chudails don't always have backward feet. It is their wish to do it -backward or not. So, if you even know that Chudails have backward feet and attack on her, it may happen that her feet were not backward but in front and you again end up facing the Chudail in the front. So, the ability of backward feet rotation always confuses the attacker and mostly attacker ends up becoming prey.

Backward Feet help her in Shape-shifting

Chudail is a shape shifter i.e. She can assume the form of a beautiful young woman to lure his prey. Now the Chudail takes the form of a young woman so her backward feet act as a front feet for the young woman. So, when her prey comes closer to the beautiful young woman, the Chudail grabs her from back because behind the back of that young woman, Chudail is there. It is just like putting a beautiful mask at the back to attract someone. This completely shocks the prey and doesn't gives a single opportunity for prey to revolt against the Chudail.

Backward feet give Chudail extra speed

You might have heard the stories / incident in which Chudail runs at a speed of around 80-90 km/hr. Actually, backward feet help her in doing so, Her backward feet allow her even to glide which allows less contact to the surface leaving less coefficient of friction which gives Chaudail an extra pace for running. Backward feet helps in levitation in some cases.

Wrong Death rituals

As told earlier, the woman who is expected to become Chudail should not be burnt as normal people. The best way is to bury the body and fill the grave with thorns and pile heavy stones on top to stop the evil spirit from getting out. She must be buried with utter precaution. Most important precaution is that her body should be buried upright down i.e. towards the ground so that her face remains downwards and inside the ground deeply. If a woman dies during pregnancy, her body is cut open to take the child out and both mother and child are buried in the same grave.

If the woman is buried normally like with her face in the upward direction. She is most likely become Chudail with backward feet.

Backward Feet helps in Climbing Trees

Chudail is often described as living in trees, she is also called a tree-spirit. Now her backward feet helps her in climbing long trees within no time. Backward feet give her more grip on the tree and makes her stable.

The best way to avoid a Chudail is to prevent her creation. This means that people have to take good care of pregnant women. We must respect and give equal rights to women. Our Indian orthodox society who can't respect women and cannot give equal rights to them, who don't want women to grow often call women as a Chudail or Daayan.

Unfortunately, Chudail term is now used to humiliate the women who is weak and molested in the Indian orthodox society. The young innocent bride who doesn't bring dowry becomes Chudail or Daayan for her in-laws. Shame on them.

Mind Sick people who do such activities against the women must be thrown towards real Chudails or at least must be tied at the Bhangarh Fort in the night, then they will come to know that what is the power of a real Chudail or Daayan.


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