BIBHORR FORMULA- New Indian Invention

Bibhorr formula, also called King of equations, is a new mathematical equation formulated by an Indian Hindu scholar Bibhorr that establishes a relation between the sides and angle of a right triangle. The formula serves as an alternative to trigonometry as it forms a relation between the four elements of a right triangle, which in Bibhorrmetry are termed as shravlambuchhutku and Bibhorr angle, by discarding the trigonometric functions.

The formula is wholly represented in Hindi alphabets. For a given right triangle with shrav श्र(longest side), lambu लं (medium side) and chhutku  (shortest side), the Bibhorr angle बि is given as:


This equation is called Bibhorr formula.

Bibhorr constants

The equation is composed of two major constants. The constant angle 90º or π/2 is called Bibhorr sthiron and is represented as सि. Another constant represented by बँ equals 1.5 and is known as Bibhorr constant.


The units of Bibhorr angle are radians and can be converted to degrees through simply multiplying the equation by {\displaystyle {\frac {180}{pi}}\,}.The units of Bibhorr angle depend on the units of Bibhorr sthiron. If Bibhorr sthiron is 90º, then Bibhorr angle results in degrees. But if Bibhorr sthiron is used in terms of π/2, then the angle results in radians.

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