Batman and Joker is same - Batman time traveled to become Joker

No doubt batman and joker series is the most shocking psychological thriller ever made in the Hollywood. Batman and joker both plays with your mind. It is not like avengers who just throw their powers to the intergalactic species. Batman and joker questions the basic reality of this universe. The good and the bad. The God and the evil.

Theory of God and Evil

Both of their characters are kind of similar but little bit anti. Joker appears to be a frustrated version of batman. Joker also likes to punish the criminals but he didn’t want to restrict himself under laws. According to joker, rules are just restrictions under which crimes are performed. Have you ever thought that what if Batman and Joker is the same. Or what if, joker is the batman who came from future or from other parallel universe. This is one of the strangest fan theory ever made.

How Batman time traveled to become Joker

Let us see how it is possible. Let us suppose, on one fateful day, Batman travels back in time to see his parents being killed by Joe Chill in the Crime Alley. He waited and waited for his parents’ killer to come so as to stop that from happening. But nothing. Joe chill didn’t turn up that day. Batman grew restless by every minute looking at his younger self playing fearlessly with his Dad and Mom. Then it struck him, what will happen to Gotham if they were never killed. What will happen if Batman is never born out of the pain and agony he had gone through. That thought made him to catch hold of a nearby trench coat, abandon his Bat consume and kill his own parents with a gun. It was he who pulled the trigger to make his own life miserable. It was him who killed his parents and it was him who created Batman that night. Considering the circumstances, he loses his mind and settles in that alternate reality as Joker who constantly battles with his younger self as redemption for killing his own parents.

The Grandfather Paradox

May be, this is why Joker never wants to kill Batman because as per grandfather paradox if Joker kills batman which is nothing but his past, there won’t be any existence of Joker himself. Therefore once joker said to batman that I will never kill you, I am not complete without you. Batman and joker both are the opposite side of a coin. The Good and the bad. Batman is good but there is also a bad inside him. In the process of maintaining law and order in the Gotham city, he creates chaos; he breaks the rules and hurts his closer ones. Joker is bad but there is also a good inside him. He destroyed the drug mafia of Gotham city.

This batman-joker theory indicates a conspiracy theory of God and Evil mentioned in many religion texts thatis God and Evil is same. Evil is there so that God can defeat him occasionally and we humans, can praise god and worship him. If there was no evil would there be any significance of God. If evil gets vanished will god be able to live. If batman kills joker, would there be any significance of Batman later on.

Masterpiece of Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight released 10 years ago. Looking back at it, it seems like a far cry from today’s superhero movies, with their alien villains, god-like superheroes, universal-level stakes and so forth. Indeed, even after having one of the most popular superheroes in the world, the Batman, and his iconic creation, the Joker, along with well-known supporting characters found in comics like Harvey Dent and James Gordon, everything about The Dark Knight screams action-crime-drama and not comic books. The Dark Knight presented an incredibly grounded Batman. Although the DC superhero is just a man in comics too, he has fought villains like Darkseid, he was the Thanos of DC Comics before Thanos existed and has accomplishments that are plain impossible for a normal man.

In The Dark Knight, however, Nolan took the superhero to his roots and focused on the human part. So he is just a man but at the natural pinnacle of human development and perfection. The motif that being a superhero takes its tolls on individuals is something that’s common now, but The Dark Knight first explored how and why being such a symbol of hope could be a double-edged sword. The Joker, who came alive thanks to a transcendental, career-defining performance by the late Heath Ledger, is often considered the polar opposite of the Batman. But in The Dark Knight, Nolan and his co-writer David S Goyer, reimagined the Caped Crusader and the Joker as Yin and Yang, two opposing, complementary forces of nature who are not so different after all. Batman, too, is a psychopath – he just doesn’t know it. There is even a nice piece of dialogue to that effect that the Joker speaks towards the end. “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object”.

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