Astral Projection - The world beyond Imagination

Can you fly without wings ? Can you pass throw solid walls ? Can you travel back in time ?
Is it possible to explore space and other dimensions ?

Well the answer is YES , definitely we can.

This can be done by the process called "Astral Projection". Astral projection is art of shifting once consciousness to other places out from ur mind. People call it mind or soul or consciousnesses all are same.

There are astral projection techniques by which one can consciously project his consciousness out side his body. While projection one hears ringing bells sounds in his ears, feels strong vibration in his body , and sense someone's presence in a room. Once the vibration starts, the body frequency increases and the astral body or soul float up leaving the physical body in sleep.

This exactly happens when people experience near death experience. Actually, they just see their physical body throw a distant astral body. Wen you get successful in projecting your astral body, then
you can explore the world of unlimited possibilities i.e. the astral world.

This is the place where nothing physical exist, this is the plane were soul of animals, people , good and evil many exist based on there frequency of vibration. In astral world, time doesn't​ exist , you can only communicate through telepathy , you can meet your guardian angel , you can talk to your ancestors and
many more.

There is no need to worry about how to return , as our physical body and astral body is linked with a sliver cord , and no one can brake or enter this silver cord, it is for our protection and it can stretch till infinite.

One can travel at the speed of thought​ in astral world , so one just have to think about the physical body and the next moment you will be back in your body and you will wake up , recall all your experience and note them down in your dairy.

They are dangers and pleasure in astral world , Make sure you research on Astral Projection in detail before trying anything .

(Article contributed by Shri Raju N B)
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  1. Ravish 20 August, 2019 at 17:39 Reply

    Which Indian Texts contain information about Astral Projection? Does any Vedas or Shastra or any Purana contain information about it? Kindly mention the proofs. A Logical Hindu does not believe anything that anyone says. Share the texts or remove this fake article.

  2. Ravish 18 September, 2019 at 13:45 Reply

    First, I believe Astral Projection is true. I have already exoperienced it but just for 30 seconds. I know what happens and how it feels when it happens. But it was anonymously. I was trying and it happenned. Starting from Heavy vibrations and body seperation and all. I had never been able to reach that art again.

    Second, I don’t believe on what these modern pranksters say to general people. Because they have never done it and they have no idea about it. What they do is lie about it.

    However, I have just seen only one who had all the information about Astral Projection and OBE’s. That person is our Swami Vivekananda. He had already written in his Book RajYoga that until you do it yourself, don’t believe on anyone. Until you see it, don’t believe it.

    For this reason, I was asking you that do you have any references in vedas or Shastras about Astral Projection. I am doing my research however, if you have any references, let me know. It will be a good help.

  3. Aaron 7 April, 2020 at 17:13 Reply

    The problem with astral projection is it is an idea talked about New Age circles that describe it in one way that might not jive with Hinduism. When we talk about it in a Hindu context, are we citing the Vedic texts, or are we borrowing New Age ideas and descriptions, or Wiccan ideas or whatever ideas, and creating a concept of astral projection that borrows from everything? And, is this borrowed definition workable with Hinduism or does it actually create conflicts?

    For example. I know someone who is into astral projection and consider this THE primary way to reach God and anyone can do it. All you have to do is call the name of the god before going to bed and then you’ll dream about the god. (He also believes that if you share the name of a Hindu guru with him who he hasn’t heard about before, than he is now initiated into that guru’s circles. Not quite.) But, he describes soul travel via the path of Eckankar. He often tells me the “truth” of Hinduism (as it seems he’s the first to know the truth of Hinduism) via the teachings of Eckankar. All of Hinduism gets a new look with new definitions when talking to him that is full of Eckankar. It’s like explaining Buddhism using not anything Buddhist but the New Testament. The end result for my friend is Krishna is not the Lord. Ganesha is not the great protector of us all. Brahman is not a source. They are just a bunch of Gods equal and the same as Buddha, Jesus or Aleister Crowley. So, would one say he has a firm grasp of Hinduism? No. But, what he does is very common. He fuses things together to make something new. He doesn’t have to commit to any path, like many of us have chosen to do. He can have a bit of everything and he’s not sounding politically incorrect.

    So, we must be aware. When we talk about astral projection are we following a Hindu path or doing like my friend and trying to mix a bunch of things together? And, in doing so, for example, have we made Krishna just another being no better than anyone else?

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