Astral Projection - The world beyond Imagination

Can you fly without wings ? Can you pass throw solid walls ? Can you travel back in time ?
Is it possible to explore space and other dimensions ?

Well the answer is YES , definitely we can.

This can be done by the process called "Astral Projection". Astral projection is art of shifting once consciousness to other places out from ur mind. People call it mind or soul or consciousnesses all are same.

There are astral projection techniques by which one can consciously project his consciousness out side his body. While projection one hears ringing bells sounds in his ears, feels strong vibration in his body , and sense someone's presence in a room. Once the vibration starts, the body frequency increases and the astral body or soul float up leaving the physical body in sleep.

This exactly happens when people experience near death experience. Actually, they just see their physical body throw a distant astral body. Wen you get successful in projecting your astral body, then
you can explore the world of unlimited possibilities i.e. the astral world.

This is the place where nothing physical exist, this is the plane were soul of animals, people , good and evil many exist based on there frequency of vibration. In astral world, time doesn't​ exist , you can only communicate through telepathy , you can meet your guardian angel , you can talk to your ancestors and
many more.

There is no need to worry about how to return , as our physical body and astral body is linked with a sliver cord , and no one can brake or enter this silver cord, it is for our protection and it can stretch till infinite.

One can travel at the speed of thought​ in astral world , so one just have to think about the physical body and the next moment you will be back in your body and you will wake up , recall all your experience and note them down in your dairy.

They are dangers and pleasure in astral world , Make sure you research on Astral Projection in detail before trying anything .

(Article contributed by Shri Raju N B)
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