What is Aryan Invasion Theory - A false propaganda of West to divide people of India

Aryan Invasion Theory is a perfect example of ‘Crafting’ history to suit their interests, done by British and western rulers against Indian Vedic heritage. Aryan Invasion Theory was one component of the master plan. Sadly, the evil intent of the European rulers of that time is still causing damage; majority of the Indians still believe in this false theory. After all, it has been fed to them time and again by school text books, works of biased foreigner historians and others who accept everything written by foreigners as gospel truth.

Conspiracy Theory proposed by Max Miller

In the 1800s Winston Churchill used the Aryan Invasion Theory, proposed by Max Milller a few years earlier, as an ideological justification for the British occupation of India. According to this theory, India was invaded and conquered around 1500 BCE by light-skinned nomads from Europe who entered the region through Persia (Iran).

These were cattle breeders, the so-called Aryan hordes, who fought from horse-drawn chariots. They overthrew an existing dark-skinned Dra­ vidian civilization and drove them south and im­ posed their alien culture from which emerged the Hindu culture. The exploits of these nomads were later written down and came to be known as the Rig Veda. Based on this theory,Milller estimated the date of the Rig Veda to be around 1200-1000 BCE. It is now widely accepted that Milller's dating of the Veda was influenced by his desire to bring Hindu chronology in line with Biblical chronol-ogy, for Milller, like many of the loyal Christian missionary scholars of his era, believed the world was created in 4004 BCE. But Milller was also big enough to recognize the dangers of idle spec­ ulation that he admitted these were minimum dates. "Whether the Vedic hymns were composed 1000, or 1500, or 2000, or 3000 years BCE, no power on earth will ever determine."Unfortu­nately,the fine print was overlooked. The theory was reinforced by other scholars, particularly in Europe, and became the accepted history of Hinduism. Most scholars of this period, however, were neither archeologists nor historians in the strict sense. Rather, they were missionaries paid by governments to promote their culture and religion.

Aryan Invasion Theory proved Baseless

It came as no surprise that a theory based on shaky foundations would soon crumble into pieces. The first blow came in the 1920s with the discovery of Indus Valley ruins at Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. Supporters of this theory triumphantly leaped to their feet convinced that these ruins of cities were in fact evidence of a large-scale massacre by the Aryan invaders.

The reference in the Rig Veda about the Aryan god Indra destroying hostile people called Dasas was cited as proof. In 1944, when Sir Mortimer Wheeler uncovered skeletal remains at Mohenjo Daro, the skulls were attributed to be those of the last inhabitants of a city that had met its final demise. This was gruesome evidence of butchery beneath the sword, and it attests to the victory of the Aryans.

The finding of a few skeletons over a decade of searching, however, did not provide sufficient evidence of a large-scale attack. The skeletons came from various layers of the ruins suggesting the deaths could have corresponded to differ­ent eras, which George Dales, a professor at the University of California-Berkeley, dubbed as a "mythical massacre." Most literary scholars and archeologists today rightly dismiss Wheeler's theory as too simplistic to be valid. Faced with evidence that did not suggest an invasion of any kind, supporters responded by admitting that perhaps it wasn't exactly a large-scale invasion as they envisioned but rather a trickling in or migration of Aryans from the north. The Aryan Invasion Theory then was changed to the Aryan Migration Theory in some quarters.

In the 1980s, proponents of the Aryan Inva­sion Theory were dealt another blow. Satellite im­ ages of the areas located in northwest India and in Pakistan revealed the dry bed of a large extinct river, which could have easily exceeded today's Amazon in size. This was the Saraswati river the Vedas talks about. It flowed from the mountains to the sea, as exactly stated in the Vedas. Earlier it was mistakenly assumed that the Helmand of Afghanistan was the Rig Veda's Saraswati, even though there are no seas in Afghanistan. The Rig Veda places great importance on the river Saraswati since it is said to be the mightiest of the seven rivers and the center of Aryan culture. Whereas the famous River Ganga is mentioned only once, Saraswati is mentioned at least sixty times. Geologists quickly established that the river dried up completely in 1900 BCE, which is at least 400 years before the supposed Aryan migration to India. Because of Saraswati's importance to the Aryan culture, scholars have referred to the Indus Valley Civilization as the Saraswati civilization in recent times.

Most scholars nowadays concur that the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization was due to changes in geographic and climatic conditions. It appears the only Aryan invasion of any kind took place only in the minds of nineteenth-century scholars.

Wake Up call for all Hindus

To err is human, and to forgive is divine, but to admit mistakes these days is tantamount to condoning academic ineptness or committing political tomfoolery.In the West, proponents of the Iraq war continue to insist weapons of mass destruction will eventually be found. In the East, new discoveries are being reported. With fresh evidence emerging, the absurdity of the Aryan Invasion Theory is becoming even more apparent. So long as Max Milller continues to remain the spiritual leader of the academics, the notion of nomadic Aryans invading the locals will be per­ petuated in textbooks and literary works. If you truly believe a barbaric horde of nomadic tribes descended upon India in horse-draw n chariots, swinging swords and singing paeans of God, you need a friend to throw cold water on your face.

Someone needs to wake you up from dreaming. The ARYAN-DRAVIDIAN "THEORY" was introduced by the British just for the colonial exploitation.

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