Ancient Plasma Weapon mentioned in RigVeda

In a lot of science fiction, the advanced weaponry takes the form of guns firing directed bursts of plasma. These searing bolts of fire are classic ways to create weapons apparently rooted in science, but still fantastical and mysterious.

ancient plasma weapon

Mantras mentioned in the third mandal of Rig Veda are associated with the Rishi Vishvâmitra and his father. Vishvâmitra composed the 12th Mantra, which in verse 6 contains an intriguing description of ninety cities being destroyed simultaneously by one ultimate weapon used by Indra Dev. In mahabharat, Arjun used this weapon against Angarparna.


Rigveda describes this weapon as “Indragni” i.e. the weapon which has the power of both Indra and Agni. Ancient hindu texts describes Indra as the force of kinetic energy of sub-atomic particles that ignites and kindles wheres Agni is describes as fire which is both thermonuclear and electric.

plasma weapon mahabharat

Modern Physics states that Plasma is an electrically conducting medium in which there are roughly equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles, it is produced when the atoms in a gas become ionized. In the same manner, combination of both Indra (kinetic energy of highly mobile sub-atomic particles) and Agni (thermonuclear electric conducting medium) forms Plasma.

This plasma was exponentially amplified by heat and sound that was used as a weapon to simultaneously disintegrate the 90 cities. The technical name used for plasma in Rig veda is “Soma”.


Indragni weapon uses laser-induced plasma channel (LIPC), which is formed when a laser emits a laser beam into the air; the laser beam rapidly heats and ionizes surrounding gases to form plasma [SOMA]. The plasma forms into an electrically conductive plasma channel. Because a laser-induced plasma channel relies on ionization, gas must exist between the electro-laser weapon and its target. If a laser-beam is intense enough, its electromagnetic field is strong enough to rip electrons off of the air molecules, or whatever has happens to be in between, creating plasma.

mahabharat ramayan laser weapon

 The ancient Rishis who composed the Rig Veda knew space is not silent, and made of plasma The Rig Veda contains descriptions of such sciences. Plasma waves and sound waves are both waveforms and it is possible to convert one into the other and vice versa.

This is the reason ancient Astras were invoked just by a simple vedic mantra. Sound waves gets converted to plasma channel waves which further detonates or envokes the Astra.

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