Vortex Tunnel - A secret Alien weapon to travel to higher dimensions

Transfer of technology is not new as per many UFO researchers. One of them was the Vortex Tunnel's tech transfer to US military. It was created by a group of daring avant-garde scientists, who obtained a government contract to develop such a weapon. It is sometimes jokingly referred to as "The Straw". When activated (usually done in open fields in the American Midwest, away from farming and populated areas), an invisible vortex opening that is about ten feet wide, sucks in, everything in its path, up to 500 feet in all directions.

This is only one of its functions. Its primary purpose is to do just the opposite-but to propel objects and people into an opening created by its operation that leads into another dimension very close to the one we live in. The US military has successfully sent some of its military personnel who volunteered for the experiment, and were sent through a vortex tunnel to an-other dimension and brought back.

Alien helped the search team to retrieve 

Within close circles it is also referred to as the "TTT" or the "Tag Team Tunnel". A team of six were sent through the vortex and were supposed to have returned within a matter of ten to fifteen seconds, but it took more than fifteen minutes. When they asked the Alien who was working with them on this project, why the men had not immediately returned, the Alien laughed, at which point they demanded he goes through the tunnel himself to retrieve the men.

Within a few seconds, all six men and the Alien were back. In the debriefing that followed, the six volunteers said that the dimension they were in was so close to ours, as to be able to see and hear one Major put a gun to the head of the Alien, saying "You better go in there right now buddy and get my men back!" The Alien laughed at him but returned with the six.

Apparently all Grays aliens are known to play tricks and games like these.

What did the men see, hear and feel in the other dimension so close to ours ?

Well, they said that they saw a labyrinth of long corridors, and the only colors they saw were blue, light blue and light gray. No other colors seemed to exist in the other dimension. There was no sound or breeze, and they felt like a void filled with corridors. The only sounds they could hear were those of the military officers and camera men behind them who were observing and filming the experiment.

Turning around to return to the room, the six volunteers said they encountered the most unusual invisible, intangible wall that would not let them come through to the physical world and dimension we live in. Try as they might, and as close as they were to the others, within inches of them in fact - and yelling and screaming to be let back in, none of the observing officers heard or saw them.

When the Alien went in to retrieve the six from that dimension, he had a device on his wrist that (he had withheld from the military) would be neces­sary for the men to return. Upon stepping in, he grabbed a hold of the first man, and placed his other hand up to the invisible intangible.

The device on his wrist revealed a knob on the wall, which he turned and then told the men they could move forward. As the first man went through,to the second man standing right behind, it was as if he dematerialized to the width of a page in a  flipped over book.

The wall of that dimension now became foggy, and the men were terrified of going through it, not knowing whether they too would be turned into sheets of paper that could be turned over as if flipping from one page to the next in a book. The Alien assured the men it was perfectly safe, and that was the only way to go back, so the men had no choice but to go through.

Within the void of that dimension, there would be no food, no water, no stimuli of any kind that the human body and mind is used to. "Whoever is sent there would go insane from sensory deprivation, whilst starving to death from hunger and thirst..." commented a military scientist.

This comment was documented.

( This post is taken from classified documents shared on one of the top UFO researchers' forum )

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