Secret Conversation that held between Aliens and Scientists

Alien's answers were displayed on the "Speak­ing Voice", a communication device the alien gave to secret govt officials to facilitate their dialogue with them. Although the device had the possibility to translate almost 90 % of what the aliens told, a large part of the translation and interpretation was not adequately transmitted during the meetings. The aliens used their Cellular Motor (Brain) to transmit their thoughts, and military scientists and linguists interpreted the messages to the best of their ability. Consequently a major part of the aliens' thoughts and messages was lost in the translation and interpretation.

Conversation with Alien

Here is a short conversation that really happened between Alien and secret govt officials as claimed by some UFO researchers :

Question: Do you believe in God?
Alien: Which one?

Question: Our God!
Alien: Each Universe has its own god, which is the "Highest Essence".God was invented by the early human beings. I have already answered this ques­tion so many times. You are wasting your time. And your intentions are very clear to me. No, I will not contradict myself. I remember everything I have said in the past.

Question: Do you believe in hell?
Alien: No.

Question: Do you believe in heaven? The Christian Paradise?
Alien: No.

Question: Do you believe in the final judgment?
Alien: It happens every day.

Question: What do you mean?
Alien: It happens as you speak. You are your own final judgment.

Question: Do you believe in reincarnation?
Alien: No.

Question: Do you believe in the immortality of the soul?
Alien: Soul, the human soul your kind believes in is produced by a cell in your brain; a cell you did not discover yet.


Statement of modern scientists : Soul is not a spiritual substance. It is a by-product of the Mind;a neuronal process of the Mind, produced by a cell in the Brain.

Atheists' opinion about the Soul

For many decades some researchers wrote about the concept of the Soul and its mechanism, based upon the Kira'at of the Anunnaki Ulema. And tried to explain how the concept of Soul was created by the caveman and our ancestors. Later on in history, the idea of Soul was conveniently exploited and used by priests of antiquity (And modern times as well) to serve their interests; this idea was an effective tool they used to their advantage, to dominate the illiterate masses, and to scare the hell out of us.

Especially, when priests attach Soul to a final judgment and an eternal punishment in a burning hell. Outrageously they claim that all those who do not follow the teaching of the Church and do not obey its bishops, their Souls will suffer for ever in a burning hell. How convenient and easy it is to use, to manipulate, and to scare the masses and the feeble minds with "Soul Punishment" and "suffering in an eternal hell's fire!!"

Soul - Primordial energy of motion and thoughts

Without hesitation and fear, some scientists publicly stated that the Soul as we think we know it does not exist. Instead, there is a primordial energy of motion and thoughts, including feelings and reactions, produced and emanated by a minuscule cell in our brain, yet to be discovered by science. The Ulema call Soul "Conduit".The aliens who are millions of years ahead of us call soul "A brain's cell responsible for everything and anything that happens in our body and mind, separately and/or concurrently."

In the United States, around 2010, a group of highly advanced scientists in numerous areas defined the soul as a neuronal process of the Mind, produced by a cell in the Brain.

And some atheists were delighted to watch on the Science Channel (June 2011) in the United States, two eminent scientists talking about the brain's cell where our so-called Soul is stored.
They made it very clear to their audience that Soul as a spiritual substance does NOT exist; it is rather a by-product of the brain.

(Logical Hindu doesn't confirm the authenticity of the Alien's conversation and concept of soul explained in this post)

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