Network Engineer of the Intergalactic computer network of Akashic Records

In the previous post regarding galactic datacenters, we discussed that the information of multiverse and higher dimensions are stored at galactic datacenters which is managed by God but one left out question is that then who is the network engineer of the network which is interconnecting all galactic datacenters also known as akashic records.


Who is the guy that not only manages information transfer among the akashic records between different parallel universe but also constrcuts the medium of spritual energy through which we can get aconnected to  access the akashic record. He is nothing but Devrishi Narad or Narad Muni.

Narad is not restricted to one planet, but has the facility to travel to any part of the universe without the aid of a spaceship. Can you imagine how Narad Muni has all these information from Brahm lok to Vaikunth lok or from Prithvi lok to Patal lok etc. How it is possible ....

It is possible because Narad engineers the network connecting all the galactic datacenters or akashic records. Narad manages the information flow between the universes. We have seen in tv serials like Ramayan and Mahabharat that Narad delivers info by visiting Devtas and tell what Asurs are doing or vice versa. This is just a mis interpretation.


Actually Narad muni manages the flow of data between the galactic datacenters and further broadcasts the inforMation to the particular sadhak based on his Tapovan and siddhis.
akashic records narad muni
Appearance of Narad in Baali's darbaar in Ramayan, is not the way it is shown in tv serials. Narad never visits the darbaar, he delivers the infomration only to sadhak through Dhyan yog. It means the information remains secure in the medium and remain restricted to the yogi. This is what exactly the work of a network engineer.

We know that Narad Muni always sings Hari and explains the way of connecting god is nothing but Bhakti, it is nothing but the way of telling us that how can u actually connect yourself to galactic dataccenters or so called akashic records by Gehan Bhakti and Tapovan.

In vedic texts, Narad is considered as one of the 12 chiranjivis. ‘Chiranjivi’ means one who lives forever. He is also regarded as the ‘mind’ of God - one who always knows God’s wishes.

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