14 Manus which will rule 14 Manvantras - A Kalpa - One day of Lord Brahma

Each manvantara is an era and is ruled over by a Manu. One of Brahma’s days is known as a kalpa and there are fourteen manvantaras in every kalpa. At the end of every kalpa, the universe is destroyed and has to be created afresh. In the present kalpa, six manvantaras have already passed and the seventh manvantara is now current. There will be seven more manvantaras in the future before the universe and its inmates are destroyed. The gods, the seven great sages (saptarshis) and the individual who holds the title of Indra, change from one manvantara to another. The fourteen eras of the present kalpa are as follows.

(1) The first Manu was Svayambhuva. The gods then were the yamas.

(2) Svarochisha was the second Manu. The gods were the tushitas and the names of the seven great sages were Dattoli, Chyavana, Stambha, Prana, Kashyapa, Ourva and Brihaspati.

(3) The third Manu was Outtama. The gods were named the bhavanas and Koukurundi, Dalbhya,
Shankha, Pravahana, Shiva, Sita and Sasmita were the saptarshis.

(4) Tamas was the fourth Manu. The seven great sages were Kavi, Prithu, Agni, Akapi, Kapi, Jalpa and Dhimana and the gods were known as the sadhyas.

(5) The fifth manvantara was ruled over by a Manu named Raivata. The gods were the abhutarajas and the seven great sages were Devavahu, Suvahu, Parjanya, Somapa, Munti, Hiranyaroma and Saptashva.

(6) Chakshusha was the sixth Manu. The gods were known as the lekhas and the seven great
sages were Bhrigu, Sudhama, Viraja, Sahishnu, Nada, Vivasvana, and Atinama.

(7) The seventh manvantara is the one that is now current and the name of the Manu is Vaivasvata. The saptarshis are Atri, Vashishtha, Kashyapa, Goutama, Bharadvaja, Vishvamitra and Jamadagni. The gods are the sadhyas, the vishvadevas, the maruts, the vasus, the two
ashvinis and the adityas.

(8) The eighth Manu will be Savarni and the seven great sages of this era will be Ashvatthama, Sharadvana, Koushika, Galava, Shatananda, Kashyapa and Rama.

(9) The ninth Manu wil be Rouchya.

(10) Bhoutya will be the tenth Manu.

(11) The eleventh Manu will be named Merusavarni.

(12) Rita will be the twelfth Manu.

(13) Ritadhama will be the thirteenth Manu.

(14) The fourteenth and final Manu will be named Vishvakasena.

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