5 Shocking Ghost Stories of your childhood - Last one most scary

Some of you will find this post weird but I bet you will enjoy it. Since our Childhood, we might have heard about a lot of ghost stories especially from grandparents or from our relatives living in the villages. In the Childhood we get a bit scared, many times we call our mom to take us to the bathroom but I should tell you those 90s days were golden days of horror. At that time serials like zee horror show, anhonee, aahat etc. used to give us lots of ghostly masalas to discuss it with our school and gully friends. Here I am highlighting 5 shocking ghost stories/incidents that we have heard in our childhood and they actually complete our childhood memories. I feel sorry for today's kids who can never enjoy those moments.

Ghost asking your Dada Ji for Beedi, Cigarette, and Tobacco (lol)

You will accept that one of your old grandparents or their old friends has been asked for beedi, cigarette or tobacco by a ghost while going out of the village at night to switch on the water pump in the field. This story is common in UP and Punjab. If you belong to UP, Punjab or Uttarakhand, you might hear these incidents. Crying of wolves in the field at night adds a piece of ghostly background music in their incidental stories.

Ghost distributing sweets near Shamshan Ghats

You might have been told about a brave character. Here I am naming that character as Ram Singh. Ram Singh is a fearless guy.

Once he was going to the city with his servant to take seeds in the afternoon. They had to cross a Shamshan Ghat. While crossing Shashan Ghat, a group of dancing men caught them. Those dancing men gave them good sweets to eat like jalebi, barfi, etc. Ram Singh enjoyed the sweets but his servant "Bhoora" took some sweets for his kids in his Gamcha (thin cotton cloth). After taking seeds from the city, they came back when Bhoora opened his Gamcha, it had some small pieces of cow dung cake instead of sweets. Ram Singh tells Bhoora that those were nothing but ghosts. It was a matter of luck that they were not get killed by them.

Possession of Dehati Bahus by Daayan or Chudail

This is the best way for a frustrated purdah system Bahu to take revenge from her in-laws. Bahu used to act like that she has been possessed by a Bhootni. She starts to take revenge from her in-laws by scolding them or sometimes giving an upper hand on them. Shocked in-laws cannot simply respond because right now she is not their Bahu, she is just a body possessed by an evil spirit and they have to obey her orders.

This is most of the time, a family drama - an indirect revolt of a Bahu who has been molested by her in-laws.

White Ghosts in Fields or Farms

While spending your holidays in the village. You might have been warned to not to visit the fields or farms during the afternoon. If you still like to go for this adventure you have been given garlic leaves. The story which is told to restrict you going to the fields is a story of a white ghost. This white ghost look similar to Betaal of Vikram Betal series. White hairs, white body wearing a small white cloth, hanging upside down on the trees. This ghost has long teeth too. This may be a simple way to keep a child away from the summer heat, isn't it?

When a man married Daayan - A True Story

This story is popular in Rajasthan and generally being told by grandparents and old people. This story has been claimed to be a true story. There was once a man named "Bhola". He used to live in a village near Bikaner (Rajasthan). He had a business of wood and timber. In the afternoon, he was driving a bike to the city. In the middle of a jungle, he found a very beautiful girl in the dress of a bride. Bhola stopped the bike and asked her - "Why are you crying, who has left you in this jungle". The girl replied that my groom left me in the jungle because my father wasn't able to give the dowry. Just like his name, Bhola was very innocent. Bhola was living alone as he had no mother and father and her elder sister was married in Jaipur. So, Bhola proposed the girl to marry. Girl accepts the proposal.

But the girl puts one condition on him. She tells him that I have only one condition and I will marry you. She says that you would never enter the house without knocking the door. Bhole accepts the condition. They marry each other and started living happily. Bhola strictly obeys the condition of the girl. Three years past, the girl gave birth to a sweet baby boy.

One day the little baby was playing in the garden near the house. Bhola was just coming back from the city. Suddenly, Bhola saw that a snake was approaching towards the baby. Bhola takes no time and picks his baby in his lap and without remembering the condition i.e. without knocking the door, he enters the house. In order to give water to the baby, he takes no time in entering the kitchen. O man !!!! you will be shocked to know what happened next.

Instead of a girl in the kitchen, a 90-100-year-old woman was sitting with her legs inside the burning Chulha. She was feeling no pain, no burn. She was eating some kind of meat. Her feet were backward, her nails were very long and her hairs were standing straight. Suddenly when Bhola saw that lady, the lady became very angry. She told Bhola that you broke the promise. Bhola got frightened at that time. Suddenly, the lady shouts very loudly and runs away with speed more than 80 km/hr by breaking the walls of the house. She never came back. Local people told that Bhola actually married a Daayan. Bhola was shocked , he dies after a few days of this incident. Bhola's sister takes his son with her.

I hope that out of these 5 stories, you might have heard one of the stories in your childhood. I request you to kindly send your ghostly experiences on [email protected] Share and comment.

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