age of himalayas

Actual age of Himalayas - Even older than Puranas

According to modern researches into Geology, the Himalayan ranges of mountain originated between the time span of 20 lake to 7 crore years ago. The first phase of Himalayan ranges ...


purusha cosmic man prakriti


Prakriti is called by the Sânkhya philosophers as indiscrete, and defined as the perfect balance of thematerials in it; and it naturally follows that in perfect balance there cannot be ...


alien species in hinduism

Types of Alien Species mentioned in Padma Purana and Vedic Texts

Classification of taxonomy of extraterrestrial living entities (aliens) is based on descriptions in the Padma Purana. Major classifications of aliens are based on (1) dominant gunas (mode of nature, whether ...


brahmshir astra

Brahmadanda Astra - A perfect interceptor missile against Brahmastra

The Brahmastra (astra is a suffix that means ‘weapon’) was a superweapon created by Brahma, part of the Hindu Trinity along with Vishnu and Shiva. It was considered the ultimate ...


Rukma Vimana - The Advance Manned Rocket of Ramayana

There are three types of Vimanas mentioned in Vimana shasthra classified depending upon the importance: Maantrika, Taantrika and Kritaka. All these are described and designed by analysing the resources available ...


And now His Kindness is bringing in Cognitive Networks to the mundane

The Internet will soon be transformed into a Cognitive Network. Cognitive Network will be the platform for the final frontier of IoT (Internet of Things). Today IoT being nascent is ...


Difference between Lord Shiv and Lord Rudra

Before answering this question let us understand each of them individually. Shiv and Parvati together exist in one form at the Kailash mountain, where Shiv is meditating and Parvati sits ...


The Mind is the browser on the Transcendental Network

The Transcendental Network or the Transcendental Gaming Platforms consists of the collective Un-Manifest Network, The spiritual Networks, and The Metaphysical Network. Together they can be termed as having a self ...


vastushastra rigveda

Mystery of Vastushastra as per RigVeda

Popularized by the late British cosmologist Steven Hawking, the turtles-all-the-way-down metaphor comes from the ancient, flat earth theory, which postulates that earth is supported on the back of a world ...


al azif necronomicon

Abdul Alhazred - Mad Arab who wrote Necronomicon Al-Azif - Book of Dead

For most, Necronomicon and Alhazred are nearly synonymous. Alhazred was a maddened scholar and wor­shipper of older gods than Allah who went on to write this mystical tome full of ...