emf theory consciousness

EMF Theory of Consciousness - A shocking Vedic Theory

Electromagnetic energy is the vibrating radiant energy known to the modern material sciences, and while this energy has been throughly studied and modeled mathematically, and harnessed within ingenious circuitry to ...


dark energy dark matter hinduism

Mystery of Dark Energy in Hinduism - Cosmic Interaction of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Second verse of Purusha Sukta ( of Rigveda) contains the word ‘ yadannenaatirohati’ which gives the idea of smallness of this whole developed and developing creation as the minute manifestation ...


hinduism vedas

Aliens and Extraterrestrial beings mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata

Mahabharata and Ramayana clearly mention about interspecies wars happening in the far past. There are descriptions of wars between demigods (devas) and demons (asuras) of different shapes and types. In ...


vijay bow gandiv arjun karan

VIJAYA BOW - Dhanush of great KARNA in Mahabharat

Vijaya Dhanush was the divine weapon of great warrior "Karna". Lord Parshuram gave Vijaya Dhanush to his student Karna. Vijaya was mainly wielded by Lord Parshuram who then gave it ...


Rukma Vimana - The Advance Manned Rocket of Ramayana

There are three types of Vimanas mentioned in Vimana shasthra classified depending upon the importance: Maantrika, Taantrika and Kritaka. All these are described and designed by analysing the resources available ...


BIBHORR FORMULA- New Indian Invention

Bibhorr formula, also called King of equations, is a new mathematical equation formulated by an Indian Hindu scholar Bibhorr that establishes a relation between the sides and angle of a right triangle. The formula serves as an alternative to trigonometry as ...


age of himalayas

Actual age of Himalayas - Even older than Puranas

According to modern researches into Geology, the Himalayan ranges of mountain originated between the time span of 20 lake to 7 crore years ago. The first phase of Himalayan ranges ...


karma law

This is how Karma is stuck into our life but we still don't know it

A good analogy of Karma is that of a person taking a train ride. A person takes a train to go downtown. The person is thinking "I am going downtown". ...


siddhi tapasya samana

How to attain Siddhi with the help of Tapasya

With the right intentions and sincere efforts, tapofal is the natural outcome of sincere and dedicated tapasya. Tapasya is not a karma; it is a status of complete detachment from ...