nimesha cosmic time

Nimesha - Smallest unit of time in Hinduism

The earth is made up of five elements (bhuta). These are earth, wind sky, water and energy. There are seven regions in the underworld (patala). These are known as atala, ...


creation of universe hinduism

Story of creation of Universe in Hinduism - Why we are living in Vraha Kalpa

In the Beginning of Universe In the beginning, there was nothing in the universe. The brahman (the divine essence) alone was everywhere. The brahman had neither colour nor scent, it ...




Guided Heat Seeking Missile of Lord Vishnu - The NarayanAstra

Arrow 3 is one of the most advanced anti-missile system ever built in the world.  It  is a U.S.-Israeli system designed to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles. Arrow 3 is capable ...


alien interview

Secret Conversation that held between Aliens and Scientists

Alien's answers were displayed on the "Speak­ing Voice", a communication device the alien gave to secret govt officials to facilitate their dialogue with them. Although the device had the possibility to ...


How Inception Theory is applicable in Hinduism

Why and how are we even here ? This is the one question that has pondered everyone for which we may never get any answer. Turns out we might actually ...


cow beef

When 7 Hindu Brothers killed and ate a Cow - Story of Kurma Puran

There used to be a sage named Koushika. Koushika had seven sons named Svasripa, Krodhana, Himsra, Pishuna, Kavi, Vagadushta and Pitrivarti. These sons all became disciples of the sage Garga. ...


how to invoke kundalini energy

Kundalini energy - A Hidden Treasure in our body

Before going further, let me tell you a story. There was a beggar who lived in terrible poverty. He just sat under a tree and begged. People threw a few ...


Dangerous seven gates of demonic world that book of dead can open

Gates of demonic world are generally termed as zones. Most of the book of dead promises to open the gates of seven zones (demonic world). But what are those seven ...


indian ghost dayan

Types of Ghosts that exists in Indian Sub-Continent

India is not just the land of gods and goddesses but also of superstitions, ghosts and of paranormal happenings. In Indian texts related to different religions explains about the different ...