age of himalayas

Actual age of Himalayas - Even older than Puranas

According to modern researches into Geology, the Himalayan ranges of mountain originated between the time span of 20 lake to 7 crore years ago. The first phase of Himalayan ranges ...


How does solar system works as per Vedic Physics

One of most discussed contradictions in Sanatan Dharm is how is the Sun revolving around the Earth ? Yes, Indeed It is a valid question. The Vishnu Puran Ansh 2 ...


aliens ufo genesis

What does Bible says about Aliens and its relation with God

For centuries, scholars have grappled with the question of what UFO's may be, the possible identity of their occupants and where they may have come from. Some of the earliest ...


vijay bow gandiv arjun karan

VIJAYA BOW - Dhanush of great KARNA in Mahabharat

Vijaya Dhanush was the divine weapon of great warrior "Karna". Lord Parshuram gave Vijaya Dhanush to his student Karna. Vijaya was mainly wielded by Lord Parshuram who then gave it ...


alien interview

Secret Conversation that held between Aliens and Scientists

Alien's answers were displayed on the "Speak­ing Voice", a communication device the alien gave to secret govt officials to facilitate their dialogue with them. Although the device had the possibility to ...


antimatter costliest

Costliest substance in the world - $62.5 Trillion per grams

When we talk about the most costliest items in this world then precious objects comes into our mind like Gold, Platinum, Diamond etc. If we are from technical  background then ...


lord varun makr

Lord Varuna - God of Sea and Water as per RigVeda

From a distance the sea appears serene and peaceful, but sailors know that the mighty ocean at times shows no generosity. Before embarking on a sea voyage, Hindus pray to ...


We are experiencing Multi Layered Diseasing that can be Auto Recovered

We are individualized static compartmentalized Quantum Consciousness integrated to the metaphysical network pocket of The Transcendental Networks or the Gaming Platform layers and are configured with the following diseases at ...


vastushastra rigveda

Mystery of Vastushastra as per RigVeda

Popularized by the late British cosmologist Steven Hawking, the turtles-all-the-way-down metaphor comes from the ancient, flat earth theory, which postulates that earth is supported on the back of a world ...


difference between chudail and dayan

Difference between Chudail and Daayan - Shocking Detailed Analysis

In India especially in Hinduism, many types of ghosts and superpowers are famous. Some of them are Pishach, Pishachini, Brahmapishach, Chudail, Daayan, Yakshini. The two demonic powers which are very ...