How to give sacrifice before invoking Watcher - The Cosmic Entity

Great care must be taken that this untamed Spirit i.e. watcher does not rise up against the Priest, and for that reason a preliminary sacrifice must be made in a clean ...


akashic records narad muni

Network Engineer of the Intergalactic computer network of Akashic Records

In the previous post regarding galactic datacenters, we discussed that the information of multiverse and higher dimensions are stored at galactic datacenters which is managed by God but one left ...


mount kailash nuclear reactor pyramid

Mount Kailash : Ancient Pyramid or Ultra Modern Nuclear Reactor

Mount Kailash is the biggest sacred mountain not in just Hindu religion but many other religions as well. In Jain and Budh religion,  Kailash is also known as Mount Meru. ...


astra weapon boon

What are Boons (Vardaan) - High Technology given by Gods

In ancient Hindu texts, it is mentioned that God gave boons to many Devtas, Asurs, Manavs, Gandharvs etc as per the tap or bhakti done by them. Doing hard tap ...


alien interview

Secret Conversation that held between Aliens and Scientists

Alien's answers were displayed on the "Speak­ing Voice", a communication device the alien gave to secret govt officials to facilitate their dialogue with them. Although the device had the possibility to ...


yajurveda creation

Interesting story of creation of Yajurveda

Vedas are not merely a bunch of religious texts and hymns but the supreme knowledge  and commands authority over other religious texts. The Rigveda, along with its contemporaries the Yajur, ...


Difference between Lord Shiv and Lord Rudra

Before answering this question let us understand each of them individually. Shiv and Parvati together exist in one form at the Kailash mountain, where Shiv is meditating and Parvati sits ...


sudarshan kriya

An experience with Sudarshan Kriya Practise

There is NO PURPOSE of doing Meditation. It’s a WAY OF LIVING. Don’t focus on what can you get out of meditation, focus on what can you lose by doing ...


kashmir dayan pic kishtwar

When King of Kashmir captured a Dayan : conversation between a Dayan and the King

Kishtwar District is a district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir of India. It is the third least populous district of Jammu and Kashmir (out of 22), after Kargil and Leh. It is situated on the banks of ...


indian ghost dayan

Types of Ghosts that exists in Indian Sub-Continent

India is not just the land of gods and goddesses but also of superstitions, ghosts and of paranormal happenings. In Indian texts related to different religions explains about the different ...