cosmic time

Exact date of start of Kali-Yuga - Aryabhatta Theory

Imagine the following scene: It is midnight on the meridian of Ujjain in India on February 18, 3102 B.C. The seven planets, including the sun and moon, cannot be seen ...


Location where Brahmastra exists - The Intergalactic Datacenter

Google has one of the biggest datacenters in the world. Datacenters are the engines of cloud computing. In 21st century cloud computing has become an important part of our lives. ...



Guided Heat Seeking Missile of Lord Vishnu - The NarayanAstra

Arrow 3 is one of the most advanced anti-missile system ever built in the world.  It  is a U.S.-Israeli system designed to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles. Arrow 3 is capable ...


rukma vimana nasa

Does NASA copied the design of Rukma Vimana

RUKMA VIMANA is one of the vimanas from VIMANIKA SHASTHRA is an early 20th century Sanskrit text on aeronautics obtained by psychic channeling and automatic writing. Vimānas mentioned in ancient ...


vedic cosmology

YV Analogy in Hinduism - Exchange of mind and matter

YV is not written as a systematic text. Its narrative jumps between various levels: psychological, biological, and physical. But since the Indian tradition of knowledge is based on analogies that ...


lord ganesh

Why Lord Ganesha is known as Vignaharta - The Obstacle Remover God

What ? An elephant-headed god ? This is the typical reaction of those unfamiliar with India's favorite deity, but anyone from the sub­ continent, regardless of age, class, creed, religion, ...


coconut hindu religion hinduism

Why Coconuts are religiously important in Hinduism

Coconut is omnipresent in Indian culture irrespective of the religion. It is often called as Shrifal in Hindu scriptures and revered as Kalpawriksha as every part of it can be ...


aghori tantrik life

Difference between an Aghori and a Tantrik - 5 secrets you never know

Both Mantra and Tantra are the major ingredients of the cosmic power of the universe and even multiverse. In Tantra, the technique is involved. More commonly we call Tantra as ...