age of himalayas

Actual age of Himalayas - Even older than Puranas

According to modern researches into Geology, the Himalayan ranges of mountain originated between the time span of 20 lake to 7 crore years ago. The first phase of Himalayan ranges ...


purusha cosmic man prakriti


Prakriti is called by the Sânkhya philosophers as indiscrete, and defined as the perfect balance of thematerials in it; and it naturally follows that in perfect balance there cannot be ...


mount kailash nuclear reactor pyramid

Mount Kailash : Ancient Pyramid or Ultra Modern Nuclear Reactor

Mount Kailash is the biggest sacred mountain not in just Hindu religion but many other religions as well. In Jain and Budh religion,  Kailash is also known as Mount Meru. ...


vijay bow gandiv arjun karan

VIJAYA BOW - Dhanush of great KARNA in Mahabharat

Vijaya Dhanush was the divine weapon of great warrior "Karna". Lord Parshuram gave Vijaya Dhanush to his student Karna. Vijaya was mainly wielded by Lord Parshuram who then gave it ...


Rukma Vimana - The Advance Manned Rocket of Ramayana

There are three types of Vimanas mentioned in Vimana shasthra classified depending upon the importance: Maantrika, Taantrika and Kritaka. All these are described and designed by analysing the resources available ...


mahabharat war real

MAHABHARAT - A Literature or A Real Struggle to Re-Establish Dharma

The Kurukshetra war is popularly known as Mahabharatha war. At the outset it looks like a struggle for succession between groups of paternal cousins. The war took place in Kurukshetra ...


When Law of Karma not even spared Lord Indra and Lord Surya Dev

Karna and Arjuna are two Main character of Mahabharata, but do we know why they were born. This article has the story of how Karna and Arjuna were born. INDRA ...


karma law

This is how Karma is stuck into our life but we still don't know it

A good analogy of Karma is that of a person taking a train ride. A person takes a train to go downtown. The person is thinking "I am going downtown". ...


vastushastra rigveda

Mystery of Vastushastra as per RigVeda

Popularized by the late British cosmologist Steven Hawking, the turtles-all-the-way-down metaphor comes from the ancient, flat earth theory, which postulates that earth is supported on the back of a world ...


indian ghost stories chudail daayan

5 Shocking Ghost Stories of your childhood - Last one most scary

Some of you will find this post weird but I bet you will enjoy it. Since our Childhood, we might have heard about a lot of ghost stories especially from ...